Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's (almost) Halloween!

Some great pics of Halloween themed shop windows from my sister Jeannie who was home for a couple of days this week. First up the pub opposite the chapel on Main street (feck I've forgotten it's name), and you can see the priests house reflected in the window, then we have Magees great shop window:


Next The Gift Shop

The Gift Shop's Halloween Shop Window

And finally a view of the Diamond at Dusk Dawn:

The Diamond at Dusk

Methodist church, Donegal Town (1959)

It hasn't changed much! Pic from The Douglas Campbell Show on Flickr.

Methodist church, Donegal Town (1959)
Originally uploaded by The Douglas Campbell Show

Monday, October 27, 2008

Aerial View of Donegal Bay

I know I posted one of two of this lad's pics before, but ppg_pelgis on Flickr (Gordon Dunn) has taken some fabulous aerial pics from his paraglider:


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Work on Millers Hill

Was wading through all the pics I took while home in September, and came across these 3 pics I took of the work Michael Kelly is doing on Millers Hill for the new shopping center. It looked like they were just starting excavations, anyone got more recent pics?

Donegal Bay.

I came across this pic I took way back in 2004 of a sunset over the bay that I thought you all might like to see:

Donegal Bay


Mother's agony over daughter killed in hit'n'run in Letterkenny:
A Letterkenny mother has condemned the hit-and-run driver who killed her daughter and then fled to Scotland.
... James McDevitt, from Newmills, County Donegal was jailed for five months for careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

The court heard how Laura Hegarty was walking in the middle of the road when she was knocked down last year.

She shouldn't have been walking in the middle of the road but the article says she may have been trying to get away from a man following her, but for flips sake the driver fecked off to Scotland and only receives 5 months for "careless" driving that left a woman dead.

And the trial against the Ballintra man for dangerous driving has been postponed because the judge was taken ill:

The secondary school n Killybegs gets a cool new electronic blackboard:
Teachers or students using the whiteboard simply use a pen to pick a topic and a range of sounds, pictures and videos will appear to complement it.

“The whiteboard opens up a whole new learning experience to pupils. They take to the technology so well. Teachers revel in it — particularly as it provides them with a virtual library in cyberspace where they can exchange notes, lesson plans and ideas,” says Jessica Murphy, Promethean’s marketing manager.

Sharon McVey, a teacher at the Killybegs school, says the whiteboard has brought a buzz to the school.

... “If we’re doing something on Egypt, for example, we just go to the internet and get material about the pyramids.”

Friday, October 24, 2008


Donegal Catch to get a lot of media promotion:
Over the past five years, sales of the brand have soared, propelled by television marketing.

Nice pics of the Old Castle before and after it was renovated:

NI Minister and Donegal County Council pushing for cross border rail-line for Donegal:
"However, I very much welcome the debate surrounding the provision of rail links between Derry and Donegal and I am grateful to Donegal County Council for facilitating this forum."
Last evening a cross border, cross party and cross community rail forum was told that 200 thousand euro must be raised for a business plan for the project to be carries out next year.

And the Guardian has an interesting article about the upcoming Holiday Home tax with different points of views as to why the tax is good and bad:
Based in Belfast, Markham raised the question of whether cottages or houses owned by people from outside the Republic were in fact second homes. 'You could argue that, if you don't live in the Republic, then how does a house here constitute a second home, I'm sure there could be an interesting court case law study about this.'
Markham insisted, however, that she was personally happy to pay the tax ... The tax is fair enough, because if you use local services such as water then you should be prepared to pay for them.'
An Taisce, said this weekend it hopes the tax will, along with the property crash in the Republic, put a halt to over-development in rural parts of the country. An Taisce's Ian Lumley also pointed out that the tax will give the Irish government the
first idea since local rates were abolished in 1977 exactly how many holiday homes have actually been built.
... 'There has been an explosion of holiday homes in Ireland, the number of which we don't have a clue about. A lot of these developments have been an environmental disaster for parts of rural Ireland. Hopefully the tax will help put a check on the crash development of holiday homes,' Lumley said.He said it was ironic that it was harder for Northern Ireland citizens to build or buy holiday homes on scenic areas like the north Antrim coast than it was across the border in Donegal

Monday, October 20, 2008

Boating Law changes

All you boaters out there should pay attention to potential changes in the boating laws by the County Council:

It looks like their main concern is with "personal watercraft" or jet-ski's as the rest of us would call them:

A public notice in the local press by-law referred to jet skis but now boaters in the area fear that the bye-law will affect all pleasure craft.

The local press advert said: “prohibit the launching and operation of certain maritime craft including personal watercraft (more commonly referred to as Jet Skis) in waters off certain beaches in the county”

Which concerns Donegal boaters because:

But “recreational craft” as defined in the Maritime Safety Act 2005 could extend to a large number of boats. The act says “recreational craft” means a craft of not more than 24 metres in length (measured in accordance with the ISO standard EN ISO8666:2002 — Small craft — Principal data) intended for sports and leisure purposes.

Which means the council need to clarify what exactly what they mean so that people whom they don't want the law to apply to don't get snagged by the law and suffer 1000e fines!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Bank

Pics taken by me sister Jeannie at the end of the Bank Walk:

Donegal town 2 sept 08

Donegal Bay sept 08

Saturday, October 18, 2008


When I was home in Sept, Paul and I went for a hike up Muckish Mountain up near Ards.

Muckish Mountain and the North Donegal Coast

Great friggin' hike, the first part was a killer, but it's great mountain to hike up. It's interesting, there's the remains of an old sand mine or quarry, the views are great, it's at cloud level so when you get to the top you get to see the clouds come whipping up from below you. And best of all, it's one of the driest hikes in the county.

And there's this rock formation that looks like a evil laughing heead!


Friday, October 17, 2008


Support sport and give racism the "Red Card":

Dog shot during attack near border dies:
The three-month-old St Bernard pup was in the rear seat of a car which was sprayed with bullets during an attempt to kill a 26-year-old Londonderry man in St Johnston on September 25.

Motorcyclist from Ballintra pleads not-guilty in court case over major accident in 2005 on the Donegal/Ballyshannon road:

200 Euro tax on Donegal Holiday Homes:

There are over 11,000 legal guns in Donegal and at least 40 gun clubs and the government is thinking of changing gun ownership laws:
Cllr Jimmy Harte says that while he is not surprised by the figure for registered firearms in Donegal, he believes the government should first tackle the number of illegally owned guns before turning their attention to those that are already licensed.


I came across this pics that Raymond meant to blog ages ago and must have forgotten to post:

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I've only ever seen this from afar, but this is a great pic of the tower on St. Ernan's Island:

St Ernans Island Tower

Maybe some day I'll take a gander around there at low tide. :) I'm guess they build it so they could go up the tower to enjoy the sunsets.


Some new jobs in the county:

A food packaging firm in the Donegal Gaeltacht is to more than double its workforce as part of a multi-million euro expansion, it was announced today.

Some 70 new jobs will be rolled out over the next three years at RA Pacaisti Teo (RAP) in Gweedore's Gaoth Dobhair Business Park, which currently employs 54 people.

And the rate of under 25-year olds on the dole is up, with a " Donegal (73.4 per cent)" over last year:

And this is hard to believe, Breastcheck can't find anyone to work in Donegal, and may have to hire staff from Northern Ireland or the UK. Breastcheck does Cancer screeing:

The National Cancer Screening Service (NCSS) may have to second staff from Northern Ireland and Britain to operate Breastcheck in Donegal after having difficulty in recruiting staff to operate the service in the north w

3 new born babys at Letterkenny hospital test positive for MRSA:

The HSE said yesterday as far as it was aware the cases have no link to any previous case. "The hospital has informed the families and GPs of the babies concerned, and the infection control nurses and public health nurses are in contact with them and will provide any advice and information they need," it said in a statement.

MRSA, or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, is an antibiotic-resistant superbug which can be fatal if it gets into the bloodstream. The HSE refused to say whether the babies in Letterkenny hospital had MRSA on their skin or in their bloodstream. It said it could not say because "we cannot comment on individual cases".

I hear that in some hospital's here in the US that they now have to wash everything down with bleach after a patient leaves to prevent super bugs like this from spreading.

There's a craft fair on in Dungloe on Saturday the 25th (thanks to Karen for the correction):

If your on Arranmore, go for a swing at the new playground:


Another great pic from Liam from the "Hands Up Errigal" challange!

Homeward as evening shadows fall___

You can see the whole series of pics Liam took here:

And a friend Paul said:
We climbed the glover challenge on Friday i.e. Muckish to Errigal. 8 peaks in all. Still not recovered. The hands up Errigal was a fantastic success, well organised and the weather was good. They raised 30 grand, it was 3000 people at a tenner a head.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


The Donegal Town Basketball club has a website:

The Gardai clocked 4 bikers doing 260KM on the Ballyshannon/Bundoran bypass:
Such was the speed they were travelling at that speed corps gardai were unable to pursue them and radioed ahead to colleagues to stop them. Gardai finally stopped the four 25km up the road and arrested them.One veteran speed corps officer said: "I thought I had seen everything on the roads but this just about tops the lot."

And there's lead in the water supply, mainly coming from old pipes connecting people's homes to the mains:

The County Council are in disagreement over new fire stations for Ballyshannon and Bundoran, the council want a fire station each town, whilst the Goverment is waving a report and wants one firestation at Finner (between both towns). I'd say with the way the economy is going, they'll might be lucky to get anything:

Two lads from the County win a Valour award for rescuing 3 kids from the sea off Tullan Strand:

Donegal teenagers Conor Doherty (15) and Ryan Hamill (14) also received bronze medals for their part in rescuing three children who were thrown into the water at Tullan Strand, Co Donegal, when their canoe capsized. Both teenagers had been skateboarding near by when they heard the alert. Colin McGuigan, who assisted them in bringing the three children ashore, received a letter of appreciation.

And an touristy article from the telegraph, complete with a pic of a man, dog, and a dolphin swimming:

And someone really like the new hotel in Ardara, named O'Fabulous!

And a lad from the county was on the British version of the show "The Apprentice", but was booted off. :(

And, finally if your in Stockholm, Sweden, go to the Dubliner Pub for a Donegal Crab Party!

And really, finally, finally, a great aerial pic of Donegal Town and Donegal Bay taken by Gordon Dunn from his Ultralight paraglider:


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

St. Ernans

St. Ernans in the summer
St Ernans Island and House Donegal Bay Ireland

St. Ernans in the winter
Donegal Town: St. Ernans.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Hands Up Errigal

Some great pics of the "Hands up Errigal" to help build a school in Sierra Leone.
A little crowded at the summit of Errigal

Lámha suas an Eargail ** Hands Up Errigal

Reaching out to the world
Thanks to Liam on Flickr for the pics.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

And another pic I took at Murvagh

I hope you don't mind me posting all these pics I took! But, I had such an amazing day at Murvagh back at the start of September. The weather was so warm and mild, the sun was bright and the sky and colours from an approaching rain-cloud made for a lot of (what I think are) great photographs.

Grey sunset at Murvagh

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Limehouse Lizzy

Great pic of Limehouse Lizzy (a Thin Lizzy tribute band) at the Balor Theater in Ballybofey.

Limehouse Lizzy

More from Pitmatic here.

Friday, October 03, 2008

More news!

I'm slowly catching up on September's news! :)

Seagate (they make hard drives for computers) is closing their Derry plant with the loss of 900 jobs. Many people who work there are from Donegal:

Car sales down 40% in Co. Donegal:

Updates on HSE projects in Co. Donegal:

Hammer Films, notorious for loads of horror films in the 1960's, is filming their first film in 30 years in Donegal

Shell Oil "tightlipped" over results of drilling abut 100 miles off the NW Donegal Coast:

3 Men from Derry charged in rash of break-ins on the Inishowen Peninsula:

Derry man and his dog shot in Donegal near the border by what might have been a kidnap gang:

Donegal woman talks about how she had to lie to get cancer treatment (she pretended to live in the North, was offered her first treatment in the Republic after her 11th treatment in the North):

And an interesting article about the attitudes and opinions of parishioners of the Parish of Clogher (an Anglican Parish covering Donegal, Fermanagh, Leitrim, Monaghan, & Tyrone):

And while we talking about religion, here's a pic I took a few years ago of the Church of Ireland out by Lough Eske:
Lough Eske Church

I think the style of this chapel is very striking in it's simplicity, and I think it's a pretty old building.


Here's a pic I took in Sept at the Backstrands (Murvagh). I wonder who that is on the horse? :)

Horse at the Backstrands

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Big E!

Eamon Harvey hosted a successful athletic workshop for athletic coaches and senior athletes at then end of Sept:

On Saturday September 27th, thirty enthusiastic athletic coaches and senior athletes from all over the North West assembled in Donegal Towns Abbey Voc.Schools Gymnasium for a day long workshop on Core Strength and Conditioning.


Sorry for the lack of postings recently, I was home for a week at the start of September and since I got back to work I've been wile busy. Here's a summary of news from the start of Sept:
The Sandhouse Hotel in Rossnowlagh is on the market:

An Addiction Counsellor claims alcoholism in Donegal will reach chronic levels:

75 doctors get a combined $22 million Euro General Medical Services scheme:

Donegal women going to Belfast for mammograms:
And a lot of controversy over the fact people in Donegal need to go so far for cancer treatment:

Some lad from Big Brother was partying in the county:

There's a band in Amerika called Donegal X-Press:

And a Donegal man from Letterkenny is the new head of eBay Ireland:

The Golden Grill in Letterkenny is seeking bankruptcy protection:

And a fair bit of controversy over the Shell pipe laying ship:

Did you know there's Buffalo in Gweedore?

And finally, none of the major news outlets took advantage of the way the headline could be phrased for this next story so here goes:
Drinking water needs to be boiled in Muff!