Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No atheist burials in Co Donegal

I guess atheists don't expect to go to heaven or a grave in Donegal!

... He said he was told atheists could not be buried in Donegal because the graveyards are church-owned.

..."There is a degree of black comedy about this, and my mother, who had a fantastic sense of humour, would certainly have laughed.

"When I rang up and asked Derry City Council's cemeteries department if it was possible to bury an atheist in a municipal cemetery they said it was possible because there were different sections for Catholics, Protestants and Muslims.

"My wife asked if it meant they were going to start an atheist section and the woman said, 'oh no, she can go in with the Protestants'."

A spokesperson from Donegal County Council said it is only responsible for old and unused graveyards.

Ballintra Graveyard

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Razmondo said...

As Victor Mildrew would say; "I dont believe it" !!! Funny story, it made me laugh.. regards raz