Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where is Donegal?

First Inishowen isn't in the Republic, next the whole of Donegal is in the UK!
Phone company BT has apologised after wrongly including Donegal in an advertisement celebrating the London Olympics.

Newspaper adverts in British newspapers over the weekend claimed towns from Donegal to Dundee would be celebrating in the countdown to the 2012 games.

DUP Assembly member Simon Hamilton spotted the mistake, saying he was sure the people of Durham are pleased to see the UK play host to the Olympic Games in 2012 but he wasn't so sure about the people of Donegal.

Probably someone didn't study their geography in school and is now earning 6 or 7 figures in advertising in London.


Ruaidhri said...

I would think the vast majority of Donegal people are happy that London will be hosting the Olympics...

Mick T. said...

Yes I agree they would. :)