Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update: Performer killed

This is very tagic, a performer who was practicing her aerial display (or gymnastic set) for the Bluestack Festival was reportedly killed when she fell 10 meters and a large metal globe fell on her:
The woman, who was in her 30s, was a performer who had been practising an aerial display.

She was suspended from the large metal globe, which in turn was hanging from the crane.


It is understood the woman fell around 10m before the large metal globe fell on top of her.

It's not clear where this happened, I presume it happened in Ballyshannon.

Update: A bit more into from the Mayo Advertiser:
A English woman who was killed when she fell from a crane in Co Donegal on Wednesday during rehearsals for the Ballyshannon festival was working for a theatre company who have an office in Belderrig Resource Centre, Co Mayo.

The theatre company, Fidget Feet, have said they are devastated by the sudden tragic loss of one of their company members. “It's a great loss both to the company and to the performing arts community. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time.”

And both the Gardai and the Health & Saftey Authority will be investigating:

And another update, from the Irish Times:
Fidget Feet, which specialises in aerial theatre, said it was “devastated” at the death of Welsh native Emma Insley (30), who was crushed to death when a visual arts display collapsed on her during a rehearsal in Letterkenny.

Fidget Feet are quite amazing, and it very sad to here about this.
Pitmatic has some pics of them rehearsing for a show at the Balor in Ballybofey:

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