Monday, August 25, 2008


Looks like some Donegal TD's employ a lot of family members? Nepotism or trust?
One in five TD's appoint family members and relatives in jobs earning up to 45 thousand euro.

A report in today's Irish Independent shows that 31 TD's and 11 Senators have installed family members in
secretarial or parliamentary assistant posts which are not publicly advertised and are funded by the taxpayer.

In Donegal North East, Deputy Dr James Mc Daid employs his son as a parliamentary assistant, while his Fianna Fail colleague Niall Blaney employs his sister in a similar capacity. Fine Gael's Joe Mc Hugh previously employed his cousin as an assistant, but he has since left the position.

Sinn Fein, the PD's and the Green Party do not have any TD's employing relatives

Based on the numbers in Donegal, it's hardly nepotism, but this something the ruling bodies need to watch out for.

The Jeannie Johnson, the replica famine ship, couldn't make it into Rathmullan and had to dock at Derry instead:
The wooden sailing ship made an unexpected stop-off in Londonderry on Monday after it was unable to get into port at Rathmullan in County Donegal.

Captain Dermot Kavanagh explained that the original ship ferried emigrants across the Atlantic between 1848 and 1855.

"The original was built in 1847 in Quebec, but this one was built about five years ago in Kerry," he said.

Donegal TD will meet Barack:
Fine Gael TD for Donegal North East, Joe McHugh, will travel to the United States to meet with Barack Obama and his representatives this weekened in a bid to highlight the undocumented Irish in America.

Deputy Mc Hugh will travel to Denver to attend next week's Democratic party convention in the US as part of a Fine Gael deputation.

Registered english pedophile in trouble for damaging Matt Britton's camera at Mullinasole.

This is tricky, if he's served his time he deserves not to be harassed? Or should everyone know who he is so they can mind the kids?
The same lad was hiding out in Donegal a few years back.

The Donegal Post has more details:
Where they offer up 2 differ takes on his visit:
One pal said: “The lad has done his time and served his debt to society. He should be allowed get on with his life.”
One angry local said: “He may argue that he has served his debt to society, but returning to Donegal was a most na├»ve act on his part.”

And even the Indo get's in on this one:

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