Saturday, August 16, 2008


NI murder suspect arrested in Donegal Town:
A 36-year-old man - believed to be Stephen Cahoon - has been arrested in Donegal in connection with the murder of Derry woman ...
And minor coverage from RTE:

Mary Coughlan formally opens hotel in Leitrim and reminisces about her Dad's Hotel:
The Donegal minister was at Lough Rynn to formally open the walled gardens of the €70m hotel which was once the ancestral home of the notorious third Earl of Leitrim, assassinated in 1878.

"It is like coming home. Everything is so familiar, especially the hedging and the aroma," the pink-clad minister said.

Finner closes off access to Tullan Strand in Bundoran during live ammunitions exercises upsets locals.
They said that a soldier stepped from a car to tell them the path was closed during the exercise on land to the rear of the Finner Army camp, north of Bundoran town.

But angry locals insisted beach access had never been blocked during shooting exercises before, although it was accepted the dunes above the strand were out of bounds for safety and security reasons.

And here's a pic I took of the strand a few years ago:
Tullan Strand

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