Sunday, August 03, 2008


Gardai warn boy racers they face jail
Speaking to the Donegal News Inspector Pat O'Donnell warned that a crackdown on the dangerous antics of boy racers would be stepped up in the coming weeks.

10 Great Reasons to visit Donegal!
And # 3 is:

Donegal Castle in Donegal Town
Built by the O'Donnell chieftain in the 15th century, beside the River Eske, the castle has extensive 17th century additions by Sir Basil Brooke. The castle is furnished throughout and includes Persian rugs and French tapestries. Information panels chronicle the history of the castle owners from the O'Donnell chieftains to the Brooke family.

Adsa the English supermarket chain may open in Co. Donegal?

Unwanted Greyhounds deposed of in river near St. Johnston:
Experts reckoned they were about three years old when dumped with weights in the water. They had probably ended their racing lives either through injury or for some other reason and their owner was no longer prepared to give them a home. The ears, where racing greyhounds carry identification marks, were cut off one of the dogs, a male.
"It is mind-blowing that such wanton cruelty exists. It just reminds us of the need for people to have a change of attitude towards animal welfare."

This touches me quite a bit as meself and the misses have greyhounds as pets. They're direct from the track, and to be honest I thought at first that they'd be high-strung and vicious and they're completely the opposite. They make great pets and love people and kids, and are surprisingly calm. I know that greyhound is racing is popular, but it's unfair the way some of the owners treat their dogs as nothing more than chattel. I think they're faithful wee hearts are worthy of much better treatment. Here's Fred to say hello:

Fred and his cap!

Interested in a Manchester City supporters club for Donegal?

And "A Lament from the Trenches" by Patrick McGill:
I wish that I were back again in the glens of Donegal,
They’d call me a coward if I return but a hero if I fall!

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