Tuesday, August 26, 2008

News: Old Folks Homes.

An elderly woman passed away at Falcarragh Community Hospital a day after being checked in. A few years they got into trouble because an elderly man was restrained (tied) to his bed. So the media are trying to imply that there's problems at the Hospital because of these 2 incidents (no-one know why the woman died and if it's related to the hospital at all):

From RTE:
Gardaí and the HSE are investigating the death of an elderly resident at Falcarragh Community Hospital in Co Donegal. The woman was admitted to the hospital for respite care but was found dead in her room the following morning.
Falcarragh Community Hospital was the subject of an RTÉ News report last night after it was revealed that two nurses had admitted tying up a male resident in August 2006.

It followed a complaint by the man's family, who said he had told them that he had been 'tied up by his arms and hands. Socks were put on his hands and arms and tied together and that he was put facing the wall'.
Following an investigation by the HSE, the complaint was upheld after two nurses admitted tying up the man.

The nurses claimed their actions 'were to impede him from removing his incontinence wear'.

In their report, the HSE apologised unreservedly to the family, and admitted that their father's dignity and welfare was compromised.

The HSE said it had 'initiated a formal disciplinary procedure in relation to the staff members concerned and sanctions were put in place'.

It added that system changes had been introduced at the hospital.

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All I can say, is this getting old thing can't be any fun.

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