Friday, August 15, 2008

Leaving Certs!

Ahhhh, nooooo it's time for Leaving Cert results! Here, hold on a minute that was 20 years ago, I don't have to to worry about it! I was so bad at school I'm sure most of me teachers would be surprised that I got promoted to Chief Poop Shoveler after 15 years! ;) Seriouly, I was so unmotivated at school, I'm sure the teachers be surprised that I'm a feckin' programmer .. er sorry Software Engineer (they give us fancy titles instead of more money).
It's D-Day for students across Donegal, Sligo and and Leitrim tomorrow, as the Leaving Cert results are finally released.

I think they were released on Wednesday, anyways, hope all you Leaving Certs did well and enjoyed the pints that night. And if you didn't do well, screw it, you don't need school smarts to be successful. What you need to do to be successful is have drive and ambition and be prepared to fail many times.

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