Sunday, August 17, 2008


The good weather will be back, so says the Postman:

Chloe Magee from Raphoe is representing Ireland at the Olympics in Badminton:
Her father Sammy Magee is a badminton man to his core. His love for the sport came down the family line, inherited as surely as eye or hair colour by his eight children.

"I started playing from when I was four or five. My dad kind of built up our local club in Raphoe. He got lots of people in to play. I just always went along with him. He's mad about badminton, absolutely loves it.

"I was brought up with it. My whole family's always played. My brothers were very good and my sister was good, so I wanted to be good as well."

... She competes in China as an outsider, with a world singles ranking of 69. Nonetheless, her achievement in qualifying betokens her potential. As does her recent performance in the US Open, where she was a narrowly beaten in the first major final of her singles career.

Best of luck to her! And I hope she does well. :)

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