Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fir a Bhata

A great version of an old song sung by Laura Thomas from Drumcliff, and music by Damien Quinn. The song if from their album "The Lark":

Thanks to declandebarra for the animation.

I think the name of their band is Ris. Anyone got an more information on the band, or know if they have a website or myspace or youtube page? I've tried searching but ain't finding much about them.

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Ciaran Mc said...

Great to see that video again. Laura and Damien's album 'The Lark' is a beautiful collection of folk songs, my personal favourite being a version of the Scottish folk song made famous by John Martyn - Spencer The Rover. The CD should be available from any of the Galway music shops, Red Light Records, Mulligan or Zhivago.
Damien and Laura have been based in Galway since about 1994. I moved there shortly after them (having worked with both of them in Donegal prior to this)and lived there until 1999. During that time I had the privilage of working on several musical projects with them. Their ability to consistently write great songs and musical pieces made for some very interesting times in Galway during the nineties. Always creative and adventurous, they had a vast knowledge of the conventions of music without necessarily adhering to them. As well as working on original material, Laura sang jazz and folk songs which took her to the States and Europe. Damien performed with several excellent traditional groups (from an early age he had performed with Donal Lunny's band as well as being one of the resident musicians on the TV series 'The Session' which featured The Chieftains and Elvis Costello to name but a few)and performed with Riverdance for several months across the far East and several weeks in the Point in Dublin..
I don't see them very often these days but I still consider them very close friends and whenever we do meet its as if no time at all has lapsed since we met previously. The last time I worked with them musically was about 2 years ago when myself and my Serial Twin colleague Damien McGlanaghey recorded some parts for 2 songs they were working on. They are following other pursuits now as well as music. Laura is doing some teaching work and Damien is completing an arts degree.
Although they have performed on quite a few releases, the vault of demoed original material must be quite vast at the moment and I am really looking forward to any future releases from them. Always challenging and exciting, They taught me a lot about music and recording as well as being there as friends when I needed them. I think about them a lot and wish them every success in the future.

Ciaran Mc