Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The Four Masters Underage teams were down in Thurles to see the All-Ireland Quarter finals in Thurles.

Thanks to Fergal for the picture.

trip to thurles 001
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busy, busy ....

I haven't forgotten about the blog! I've been busy, busy, busy, busy ... there'll be updates for sure next week. And maybe one over the weekend (as I catch up on Donegal news).

See you next week! :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Green Box!

Have you heard of the Green Box? It's a cross-border initiative to stimulate eco-tourism (ecology friendly tourism) in the areas of "Fermanagh, Leitrim, West Cavan, North Sligo, South Donegal and North West Monaghan".
'The Greenbox' is a cross-border organisation in the Northwest of Ireland that has been set up to stimulate the development of eco-tourism across Counties Fermanagh, Leitrim, West Cavan, North Sligo, South Donegal and North West Monaghan.

A range of eco-breaks have also been developed, from staying in an eco-cabin at the Ard Nahoo Health Centre - listed in The Guardian as one of the top 10 retreats in the world - to environmental film-making, surf and cycling holidays.

Too bad they didn't get the web-address right in the article. They dropped a "." from and spelt it www.greeboxie ... :(

Thursday, July 24, 2008


A shelter for battered women which has been delayed for 10 years is put on hold because a new road is going to be build on the proposed site:
Although a site in Letterkenny, Co Donegal has been acquired, new road plans for the area cut through the site and this will mean further delays.

Last year the service received 2,229 calls to its helpline and accommodated 37 women and 44 children.

It also conducted 491 outreach appointments.

Ms Doherty revealed that last year the service had to turn away 28 adults with 32 children from its refuge because it did not have room.

Councillors have reacted angrily to the revelations, and pledged to make the provision of a new refuge - or even temporary accommodation - a priority issue.

And the most common crime seen in Donegal Court is ...... driving offences:
Districts courts in Donegal, Letterkenny, Sligo and Leitrim dealt with a total of 8,866 road traffic-related crimes last year.

Letterkenny district court dealt with the highest volume, at 3,328 followed by Sligo with 2,798.

I guess that's a relief, based on all the news you'd think there was a serious crime wave going on. Hold on a minute, what's this:

Public order and assaults were the next most common offences to crop up in court.

I guess that calls for a pictue of the court house, thanks Val:
Donegal Court House

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


A priest from Gweedore living (and working in a parish) in the USA get's permission to stay after being told he'd be deported:
A DONEGAL priest has won his battle to remain in the United States after the authorities there dropped proceedings to have him deported.

Fr Cathal Gallagher (58), from Gweedore, said yesterday that US immigration authorities, who had moved to deport him on July 1st, have told him he can stay.

He now plans to return home to Donegal for the wedding of his niece, TG4 reporter Áine Ní Ghallchoir.

Membership in Co. Donegal Orange Lodges is up:
Membership of the Orange Order is on the increase again in Donegal, and lodges in the Finn Valley are playing their part, the Finn Valley Post can reveal. Hundreds of members from the region took part in the annual parade at Rossnowlagh last weekend, and many will travel to parades in the north on the Twelveth.

“With the peace process and better relationships all round, people do not feel as inhibited as before and are proud of their traditions,” a member of one local band told the Finn Valley Post.

Donegal County Coucil plans to start a register of derelict sites, and will fine people if needed over derelict buildings and sites:
Legislation currently provides for councils with a derelict sites register to impose penal levies of up to 3% of the value of the derelict property, a provision which council officials say has already been successfully implemented in Bundoran.

And yer man from RyanAir doesn't think Donegal Airport and other regional airports will survive:
THERE IS no future for Donegal, Sligo, Galway and Waterford airports, while Knock is "pretty flakey", according to Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary, who has called on the Government to stop subsidising them.

I think that would be just too bad for us wans who'd have to drive all the way to Dublin or Shannon otherwise. I guess there's always the alternative of flying out of Belfast which us only about 1.5 hours away.

Anyway's here's some pic of Donegal Airport for ye's all:

Donegal International Airport

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Donegal Hurling

Some hurley pics taken by the cousin Fergal.

donegal hurling 035

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Saturday, July 19, 2008


And a great pic taken by Jeannie, me sister, at Murvagh:
Click all sizes to get a better look at a beautiful shot of Donegal taken from murvagh
Click on it and view the big size and you can see the town nestled in its valley.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Donegal Castle Market

And a great pic of the Market in the Castle grounds from charliemurrin on flickr.

Donegal Castle Market
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

1st Class 1989, Mountcharles

Here's another great one from Ruaidhri O'Boyle!

Sep 1989 1st Class Ms. McGowan
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hello! Tell us about yourself.

Looking at wee map there on the right we've been getting visitors from all over the world. From Australia to Brazil to Hawaii, to Japan, to Saudi Arabia and a lot from the US and the UK and loads of other places!

I though it be interesting if you told and told us where your from, where you living, and what your doing. What your favourite post is, and if there's anything you'd like us to post about! Ask for pictures of places, events, class reunions, class photos, maybe some will have copies for us to share! :)

Leave a wee message here.


The 2009 Donegal stage of Rally Ireland may have a televised 1.5km circuit right in town!
RallyBuzz can exclusively reveal that Rally Ireland will have a 1.5km stage through Donegal Town centre as the finale of the 09 event on Sunday the 1st February. This will replace Mullaghmore, which ran as the last stage in 2007. The route details have been submitted for approval, a senior FIA member revealed.

That sounds pretty flipping cool to me! :)

And home foreclosures appear to be increasing in Co. Donegal (scroll 1/2 way down the page):
There has been a sharp increase in the number of applications to the Circuit Court for the repossession of houses in Donegal by financial institutions.

According to a number of sources, the local court has received more than 20 "ejectment files" from solicitors acting on behalf of financial institutions this year.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Donegal Town

A lovely framed shot of the town and the bay at high tide from Racquel Caceres on flickr.

Donegal Town
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Upper Main Street, April 1990

And some more great photographs from Ruaidhri O'Boyle! These show Upper Main Street, and look like they were taken from the corner at Charlie Doherty's. Just look at those cars!

And this one is ever better! It's the Four Masters Cinema! Too bad they didn't keep part the façade when they put that new office building. And look at the clothes! Anyway, great pic, I like the way the cinema, the Chapel, and Peter's Manshop are all in the pic! :) Cheers Ruaidhri.

Originally uploaded by ROBoyle


Has the Tanaiste, Mary Coughlan, been reading David McWilliams? ;)
TÁNAISTE MARY Coughlan has warned against using the policies of the 1980s to deal with the economic downturn.

Opening the MacGill Summer School in Glenties, Co Donegal, last night, she said Patrick MacGill would have agreed with the saying that generals always fought the last battle, not the next one. "We need to avoid that trap. Certain commentators are advising us to set our economic clocks back to the 1980s.

"This is not the 1980s. It would be a fatal mistake to think we are facing the same challenges. The economy is profoundly different now," she said.

This isn't a criticism of Mary, nor am am I saying she's taking anything from McWilliam's ideas, I just think it's good that's she's forward thinking and doesn't plan to use approaches used in the 1980's to solve issues in today's economy which is very much different than the 1980's. Also, I think McWIlliam's is correct that the government need to stimulate more indigenous industry and create a atmosphere more amenable to local entrepreneurs (native companies are less likely to up everything and move somewhere cheaper).

Also, with so much immigration into Ireland, my worry is that there will be a backlash against immigrants if the economy decays too much. As an immigrant myself I know what it's like when people give you shite about taking their jobs, and it's especially tough when your working the crappy jobs (as I was for a quite a while) that the locals wouldn't do.

And there's sexual abuse allegations at Finner Camp that are being investigate by the Militarily Police:
MILITARY POLICE are investigating a second allegation of sexual assault involving members of the Reserve Defence Forces (RDF) at Finner Camp, Ballyshannon, Co Donegal.

And a huge pipe-laying ship will be based out of Killybegs as part of the controversial Corrib pipeline project:
The giant 400m (1,300ft) long Solitaire has been anchored in Killybegs port, Co Donegal, for several days and will be based there during the laying of 83km (51 miles) of underwater pipeline from Glengad in Broadhaven Bay, Co Mayo, to the Corrib gas field ...

When the underwater pipe-laying operation is fully under way, the Solitaire will have a crew of up to 550 on board and 15 support vessels, which will be serviced by existing marine-related services from the new pier at Killybegs.

A crew of 550 people! That's huge, it's the size of a small town, and all the services they'll need will be a great, but temporarily, boon to Killybegs and rest of southern Donegal.

And energy finds off the coast could really be a huge aid to the economy (as in Norway) if it's managed correctly and without pollution.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Diamond, April 1990

And 2 more pics from Ruaidhri O'Boyle! This time of the Diamond, on what looks like a lovely warm day in April as I can spy someone in shorts (or a mini-skirt) sitting on the wall, and look they were still parking cars on the Diamond:

And in this wan someone looks all dressed up! Was it his "First Holy Communion"? :)

April 1990 3
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And look the awnings over the entrance of the Over Door. Anyone remember going in there after school for a pot of tae for one and 4 or 5 cups and huge pot of hot water? :)

Hope you enjoyed the pics, once again thanks to Ruaidhri for the pics.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

News and a auld pic!

Donegal housing prices are dropped more:
In Donegal, house prices dropped by 5.4 per cent.

Not much more news today. I had a great long weekend as I had Friday off (was a bank holiday here in Boston) and I took holidays on Monday & Tuesday, so a great wee short week ahead of me.

Anyway, Ruaidhri O'Boyle from out the road (he was holding auld Joe's hand in the pic here ) got a hold of me to say he dug out a bunch of auld pic of the town from April 1990.

Here the first one, it's of Bridge Street looking towards the Castle Bar before the Clarkes bought it from the Gallaghers. Wow, I'd forgotten how it looked before the Clarkes did over the exterior, and I was never inside it until a few years after the Clarkes took it over. Anyone got pics of the inside they'd like to share?

April 1990 1
Originally uploaded by ROBoyle

Then Uncle Gerry's Shop (Gerry Gallagher's shop but different Gallaghers than the pub). And it looks like there's some construction going on, so I'm guessing it's when the Blueberry started, or was there a Light Shop there before the Blueberry opened? Anyone got a better memory of this than me? And anyone remember when it was called Uncle Gerry's and it used to be an Iced-cream Soda Shop? I remember being a wee'un and looking out the windaw at all the big cool kids from the tech going in there after school! :)

Click here for the full sized image. If you browse Ruaidhri's photostream you can the rest of the pics, but I'll be posting more here over the next week or so.

Oh and it's me birthday today! But I don't think I'll be doing much today as I've to work (grrrr) but I'll probably go out on the lash on Saturday night. If ye want to join me pop over! :)

Monday, July 07, 2008

County Museum Needs Your Help With A Childhood Exhibition

County Museum Needs Your Help With A Childhood Exhibition

Did you ever play Tig? Did you have a Star wars or an Incredible Hulk pencil case? Did you have a leather satchel? Who won the battles between Sindy and Action Man? Did your mammy keep your copybooks or schoolbooks? What’s there from your Grandparents time? Are there old Cookbooks, Storybooks, Games, Magazines, Annuals or Atlases in your attic or shed? Do you have photos of a trip to the seaside, a baby in the pram, the local fair or Christmas day? Did you play tennis with a wooden racket? Or play football with leather boots? Did you listen to records or cassette tapes?

If so, the Donegal County Museum needs your help with an exhibition arriving in early September, Seen But Not Heard – A Century of Childhood. This national travelling exhibition explores and celebrates some of the many lifestyle changes experienced by successive generations of children growing up in Ireland over the last Century, using the broad themes of work, education, play, corporal punishment and health!

We are looking to either borrow or receive as donations toys, games, kitchenware, photographs, clothes and everyday objects and medical material in relation to TB and Polio, that we can use to show children (and grownups) what a Donegal childhood was like during the last century.

If you can help, please contact the County Museum on 074 9124613 or email "museum AT"

Sunday, July 06, 2008

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A view of Donegal

I thought this was intersting, sent to me by me sister Jeannie, it's a (English?) tourist's view of Northern Donegal:

There is a lot of building work going on in this part of Donegal, much of it connected with the replacement of traditional, long, low, thatched farm houses with modern bungalows, built alongside. It grieves me to have to write this, but when it comes to vernacular buildings, the Irish have no taste at all. The old farmhouses may have been primitive, but they were constructed entirely from local materials and they are ‘of the place’ every bit as much as a granite farmhouse would be in Cornwall, or cob and thatch in Devon. Their replacements, by contrast, owe absolutely nothing to the area. You could plonk them down in any badly-designed new housing development, anywhere in the British Isles, and they would look less out of place than they do here.

There was a travel feature in today’s Irish Independent on Cornwall. The writer waxed enthusiastic on how the county had benefited from “good planning”. That will give you some idea of just how bad it is over here!

I agree to a degree; a lot of tourists come to Ireland to experience and see Ireland, a lot of modern building is so bland and boring and doesn't represent or highlight the Irishness of Ireland and of being Irish. On the other hand, a lot of the PVC used is for double-glazing windows and so-on and to get local natural alternatives would probably be too expensive for most locals. And PVC is easier to keep and maintain than wood, got wooden windows over here and alway having to paint, caulk, and glaze them, and having to worry about rot.

And here's a lovely pic of the thatched cottage out in Goladoo out by Lough Eske, taken by MarW on flickr.

Irish Thatched Cottage on Lough Eske, Donegal, Ireland (Good in large) # 470 Explore today!!


Unemployment is up:
Unemployment rates have increased throughout all counties in the North West region, with Donegal experiencing the highest increase,with over 960 more people signing on there compared to just last month ...

In Donegal Town, the figures went up by 55 going from 651 to 756 ...

Overall there was an 8 percent increase in unemployment rates on last month in County Donegal with Letterkenny recording the highest jump.

And this probably isn't a temporary blip either!

A Donegal Post Man, from Glenfinn, claims he can predict the weather and that it'll be a good summer:
This year, the flora and fauna around his postal route in the Blue Stack mountains tell him it's going to be a good summer ...

And the new Balor Theater in Ballybofey has opened, looks like it's a great new fabalous facility!
As Donegal's newest theatre, the facility contains a cutting edge hall/theatre with retractable seating and a small balcony. The splendid new auditorium has a seated capacity of up to 300 and overall capacity, when seats are retracted, of more than 530.

And here's a pic of the auld theater from our friend Pitmatic on Flickr:
Balor Theatre Ballybofey

Saturday, July 05, 2008


A Bray Wanders football, from Bray in Co. Wicklow, was assaulted in Ballybofey last Friday after the Finn Harps vs Wanders game:
Some bystanders managed to break up the fracas before gardaí arrived but one fan sustained a blow to the face. His eye was blown up like a balloon,' said a bystander. There were four lads kicking him on the ground but they scattered when a man ran at them. The club brought the injured guy in and looked after him.

It most definitely was not a Harps fan that carried out the sickening attack,' said a fan of the Donegal club. It was a few lads who stand outside Finn Park after every home game.'

Definitely not a good way to send visitors home. :(

And Donegal Creameries is on track to do well this year:
Donegal Creameries Plc. said it was confident of its full-year performance despite a challenging first half for its dairy busines

And I just found this pic of the Golf Course (to go with a previous posting?) from Ronan Doc on Flickr.

Murvagh GC

Friday, July 04, 2008


I'm away over the weekend and will be enjoying the American 4th of July Holiday in Upstate NY. Which for me will invlolve hanging out near a lake drinking too much beer and eating too much food! And maybe a wee hike or two.

So a Happy 4th to all ye in Amerika, and a dazzling summer to everyone in Donegal

They'll probably be a few fireworks up there, like these from last year's Labor (Labour) Day bank holiday in September:
Fireworks at the lake for Labor Day

But, they'll be nothing like the wans in Boston, if your ever over here, they well worth the gawk. Hmmm, I thought I'd a picture handy of them, maybe I'll dig one up from last year.

Welcome Home!

And as Ronan Doc on, says "One of the best sights...home..."

Donegal Town
Originally uploaded by Ronan Doc

Thursday, July 03, 2008


DylanFest is on in Moville over the weekend:

See their MySpace page and here for more details. Kinda odd that it and the Donegal Music Festival would be on the same weekend? I guess their at opposite ends of the county! :)

And if your driving on a Provisional Driver's License, watch out! The laws are changing and the Gardi claim they'll be enforced with extreme prejudice! ;)
The Head of the South Donegal Traffic Corps has said Gardai will be 'rigourously' enforcing new legislation which has now made it illegal for all learner drivers to get behind the wheel without the supervision of a fully-qualified driver.

Under the new laws which came into force at midnight, provisional-licence holders will have to pay fines of a thousand euro if caught driving unaccompanied.

And Judge Kilraine will be replacing Judge Zaidan:

And the inquest is back about that poor girl from Belfast who died in Ballintra last July whilst on holidays:
... The inquest jury in Donegal town today returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence that death was ecstasy related and the coroner Dr Dermot Hegarty said that this was happening with greater and greater frequency ...
The Indo has more details.

And if your a farmer, looks like it's hard to get a good price for your beef, and Donegal's offering the best prices:

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Judge Desmond A Zaidan who was in Donegal on a temporary basis to help reduce crime is being lauded as he is reassigned to another district:
Judge Zaidan (45) was assigned to Donegal in February last year on his appointment as one of the youngest District Court judges in the land. Gardai have acknowledged that one of the main influences in the reduction of public order offences was his controversial decision to cut a half-hour off club late-night drinking extensions from 2.30am to 2am.

The judge now moves to a new District Court area in Kildare. He is the son of Lebanese parents and was raised in Sierra Leone, west Africa.

And if your catching the bus to Dublin, it now stops at the airport, which is handy if you want to go to the airport, but inconvenient if you want to go to Dublin City! Or as my friend Tracey put it:

Annoyingly for some, the Dublin bus from Donegal now stops at the airport first before town. on the plus side, there are a couple of very late buses now to the airport - leaving at something like 3 and 5 to get there for morning flights.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Montys in early days....

I came across this old posting that Raymond wrote. Looks like it never got posted:

Some I can Guess but I' stumped on others! Can Anyone help???

Combats were in.. & Leo sets the trend.

Damien Hanna & Terrance mcDermott

A Moment of maddness..
Not another Hanna Hat!!


Co. Donegal has one of the highest rates of vacant homes in the country, Leitrim is the highest with 29% of the housing stock vacant, with Donegal having 27%. Methinks they're might be plenty of cheap homes in the near future if the economy takes a nosedive, at any road, it means most of these vacant homes are either holiday homes or houses bought by property speculators.
A regional study carried out by the Central Statistics Office has found that 15% of all accommodation was vacant in 2006.

It said counties Leitrim (29.3%) and Donegal (27%) had the highest rates of vacancy, with other west coast counties and Wexford having rates above 20%. Dublin City had the highest proportion of apartments at 31% followed by Galway City (22%).

Do you know rugby and want to coach? Well this could be the job for you:

The above post holders will be responsible for delivering rugby programmes and initiatives within clubs and schools on behalf of the County Donegal Community Rugby Project and the Irish Rugby Football Union (Ulster Branch).

Sure would beat sitting in an office all day!

Did you know that over 1,200 people had their medical cards taken away from them in Donegal, and that the HSE appears to deny this?

Fact: the PCRS said that on May 1, 2008, there were 74,373 people with a full medical card in Co Donegal.

Fact: the PCRS said that on June 1, 2008, there were 73,137 people with a full medical card in Co Donegal.

That means the number of people with a full medical card in Co Donegal had fallen by 1,236 in one month.

And more here and here.

Donegal Music Festival in Donegal Town

The Donegal Music Festival starts on July 3rd and it's being held in various locations in Donegal Town

The website with details is here:

One wee complaint, the website doesn't explicitly say where in Donegal the festival is being held, it might be a good idea to specifically say its in Donegal Town.

The full line-up of acts is here:

And one of our favourite Donegal Town bands is playing! :)

Other acts include The Saw Doctors who are good craic live and put on a really good show (worth seeing even if your don't like me if you ask me).

If you take some pics send me on a few and I'll post them, or I can link to them.