Monday, June 30, 2008

1st High Kings from Donegal?

Did the first High Kings of Ireland come from Donegal? Read on at for more:
There is strong evidence to suggest that the first kings of Ireland came from Donegal, a leading archaeologist has claimed.

Brian Lacey, Chief Executive of the Discovery Programme, will explore his theory in detail when he speaks at the upcoming Beltany Heritage Conference in Raphoe ...

Dr Lacey will talk about the link between the ancient Gaelic kings of Tir Conaill and Tara.

"From 500 to 1,000 AD the Kings of Tara are said to have belonged to the Ui Neill Dynasty," explained Dr Lacey.

"However there is strong evidence to suggest that the first two or perhaps three kings of Ireland actually came from Donegal, from the Cenel Conaill. The traditional belief that the northern branch of the Ui Neill Dynasty ruled from Tara was merely a propagandistic construction of the eighth century".

Sunday, June 29, 2008


A great pic of Bustard's by Pitmatic

Bustards of Donegal Town

I agree with Pitmatic that this is probably one of the best, unexpected tourist attractions in the town. Good to see that Willie is still doing this! :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Any one remember Joe? Here's a pic from 1983 with 2 brave young lads! ;)

Originally uploaded by ROBoyle

Thanks to ROBoyle on Flickr for the pic, and for surviving holding Joe's hand! :)

Friday, June 27, 2008


Really good article about Murvagh Golf Course, with some great pics:
Donegal Golf Club, with its spectacular links layout on the Murvagh Peninsula is pure County Donegal from start to finish -- a man's layout with little patience for finesse, ready, willing and able to take on all-comers with fists bared ...

Donegal Golf Club, with its spectacular links layout on the Murvagh Peninsula is pure County Donegal from start to finish -- a man's layout with little patience for finesse, ready, willing and able to take on all-comers with fists bared ...

Recently Murvagh was recognized by the Irish Golf Union when it was chosen to host the Irish Amateur Close Championships, its first national event. No doubt there will be many more important championships to follow as word gets out that Donegal Golf Club is the proud owner of one of the country's toughest and most spectacular links ...

Great job there! :) I've no pics of the golf course, but here's one of Murvagh beach which is nearby (or the Backstrands as we used to call it):

Sunset at the Backstrands

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A short video showing the making of one of Serial Twin's song Bleed:

I've impressed with the production qualities of this video, the editing is slick, the sound is good, great stuff lads, methinks it's worth watching, and I'm going to watch it again!

For more info see their website at:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Clouds over Donegal Town

A nice pic storm clouds over the town by Gary McMurray on

Donegal Town
Originally uploaded by Gary McMurray

“Red Hugh’s Restaurant” at the Olde Castle Bar

Remember the restaurant above the Olde Castle Bar? Sure some of ye might be too young to even realise that when the Clarkes took over the Castle that they had a restaurant above the pub, used to do really yummy pub grub too.

Well there's a new restaurant there called “Red Hugh’s Restaurant” at the Olde Castle Bar . And our man Zack is running the kitchen. Zack used to be at the restaurant at Heron's Cove up in Creevy and they've expanded to the town! So make sure to drop in and see Zack and tell him I think the next round is his! ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Man assaulted on Main Street during the day:
... Meanwhile, Gardai in Donegal Town are also investigating an assault after a complaint was made at the station yesterday evening.

A man reported the incident around 7pm, the assault is understood to have happened earlier that day on the town's Main Street ...

I've no recent pics of Main street, so here's an auld wan for ya! :)

Main Street, Donegal Town. 1930's


Oh bugger! Now the future of the moving of the Mart is called into question:
... It has emerged that 35 shareholders within the mart have threatened legal action if the signing of a contract by mart committee members with Bennett developments goes ahead.

The details of the contract were made public last month, and outlined plans to allow the current mart at Milltown to be developed as a commercial retail interest, while a new mart will be developed at Tullyearl.

Bennett Developments have also paid a deposit towards the project.

However, some shareholders feel the mart at Milltown should be placed on the open market and sold on to the highest bidder.

A special general meeting to discuss the issue will now be held in the Abbey Hotel at 8pm this Wednesday night ...

I think it should have been put on the open market, however, with the recent slowdown of the economy they may not now get a better price and it might be the best time to build a new mart as land and construction costs may be less than they were a year ago. Also, I haven't been following this in much detail, nor do I know how the Mart's committee works so anything I say could be wrong or incorrect.

Previous coverage of the Mart here:

Rainbow over the Gap

A lovely pic of a rainbow over Barnes Gap by jameswhorriskey

Biddy's Rainbow !

Monday, June 23, 2008


Young mother and her 3-month old daughter killed in car accident laid to rest:
Kerryann Meehan (16), from Londonderry, and her baby daughter Niesha were killed in a car accident outside Letterkenny on Monday evening.

Her partner and Niesha's dad, Christopher Hanlon (18), was today still fighting for his life at Letterkenny General Hospital as the funeral was taking place in Derry's City Cemetery.

The mother and daughter died together on a Donegal road when the two-door silver Toyota Corolla that the young family were travelling in collided with an Izuzu Trooper pulling a livestock trailer at Tullygay two miles west of Letterkenny ...

Very sad indeed, 2 young lives extinguished.

More details here and Gardai are seeking witnesses to the accident.

If anyone's any good news to report sent it on to me! Pictures, photographs, annnouncements are welcome too, I'm sure you can figure out my e-mail address from this:

Mick.Timony AT Gmail DOT Com

It's not a good idea to put an e-mail address on a public website as all sorts of nasty spammers will get it!

If your into wildlife, check out this lad's blog, he's in Raphoe and I think his stuff is really neat, for example he found a rare fly in Donegal! :)


Our wee Daniel's a nice wee lad and he's touring Amerika:
The increases in fuel costs are affecting Donegal truckers:
Donegal’s geographical location means that the county is being thumped with the economic affects of the hike.
Speaking to the Letterkenny Post yesterday, a spokesperson for Newtowncunningham based Duffy Express Freight, revealed that the company is now paying colossal fuel charges compared to this time last year.

And school bus drivers are being affected:
And fishermen too:

And the economic downturn is starting to show it affect with a estate agent's closing an office:
At the height of the property boom in early 2007, Franklins was selling more than 60 homes a month in Donegal - that has dropped to 20 as buyers demand value.
And with almost 12% fewer people employed in construction:
“Also there is the fact that hundreds of our mostly young and middle-aged men leave this county on a weekly basis to work away from home in the construction industry. Some of these workers now find themselves redundant and moving back to Donegal.
“Homes of people who cannot make mortgage repayments are in threat of being repossessed and the widespread dejection and despair that goes with unemployment and lack of a weekly wage is bringing with it a whole array of problems,” Grainne said.

Of course no-one ever states that Donegal's needed real employment opportunities and that's it inevitable that construction would slow-down, as it's the main reason for growth in Donegal and is unsustainable. And that's banks have giving away mortgages to people who can't really afford them ... it's just a mess. And hopefully we'll get some businesses attracted to the region that will generate sustainable growth.

More details about that fatal accident in Gweedore, in May, where a mother and daughter out walking were knocked down and killed:

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Bay

Sunset over Donegal Bay at low tide. U can see the big pier off in the background and the watershuttle in the foreground. Thanks to yuzuume on Flickr for the pic

Sunset across Donegal Bay
Originally uploaded by yuzuume

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Interior of Laghey Church, Co Donegal

I found this lovely pic on Flickr, of the interior of the Church of Ireland in Laghey taken by Strabanephotos:

Interior of Laghey Church, Co Donegal
Originally uploaded by Strabanephotos

Friday, June 20, 2008

Electorial boundaries?

Electoral boundaries to be redrawn in Donegal?
With next year’s local elections already looming, a county councillor in the Donegal Electoral area and another in the Glenties Electoral area will be lost, after a national commission decided yesterday to recommend boundary changes within the county, as part of a wider national initiative.
In essence, Cllrs will have to increase their votes by some 600, to make it past a quota of about 2,500, up from 1,900. On average, each county councillor will represent 5,000 people.
While the overall number of councillors of 29, will be unaffected in Donegal, the ramifications for Donegal and Glenties electoral areas are obvious.

News: Rally aftermath

Man knocked down and killed laid to rest:
Richard McGrath (18) , right,was laid to rest at Murlog Cemetery alongside his father Paddy Joe, who passed away just three years ago. The young man died after he was struck by a competing car at the Donegal Rally on Saturday. It is understood he stepped out from the side of the road where he had been a spectator.
The debate over the safety of events such as the Donegal Rally has been raging since the tragedy. Local priest Fr Pat O'Hagan has called for the sport to be banned. However, Mr McGrath's family said they "completely disagree" that rallying should be outlawed.
Following Mass, Richard's remains were removed from the church and taken to Murlog Cemetery. The teenager is survived by his mother Florence, brother Kieran and sister Debbie and Christina.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Red Hugh

Looks like Red Hugh is giving Donegal the thumbs down? :)

Thanks to ROBoyle for the pic.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Donegal Town Basketball pics

Some pictures of Donegal Town basketballers in action from sinky8.

Welcome to Donegal

Welcome to Donegal
Thanks to SmokingPermitted
for the pic.


More news about the rally accident
The rally driver son of former British champion Gwyndaf Evans was involved in a crash in Ireland at the weekend which left an 18-year-old spectator dead.

Driver rejects call for end to rally after death of Donegal spectator
A FORMER winner of a major international car rally has defended the sport after calls for a ban following the death of a spectator at the weekend.

Strabane priest called for an end to the rally. "Any fatality is a tragedy but when it is something avoidable, I really think it's time for the people who organise things like this and who participate in things like this to take a good hard look at themselves and the whole area and decide to call it a day. It is not a sport," he said.

Maybe we should wait and see how the accident occurred?

Cross border effort to combat racism
“Unfortunately there is a minority of people who have demonstrated that not everyone is accepting and tolerant of the race, gender, religion, ability, sexual orientation and age of others.”

It allows us to work with the PSNI and Garda Siochana to become more effective in dealing with these issues.

“Hate crime is an issue for this society and initiatives like this help us to understand and thus help reduce the problems created by racism and sectarianism.”


Brussels, come to Inishowen and it explain it please!
He (Deputy McHugh) claims Inishowen has, yet again, been left in the dark and has not been provided with enough information on the future benefits of Europe.

He believes there is a massive disconnect between the people of Donegal and the EU.
Deputy McHugh says that both these factors show Donegal people do not trust Europe or the direction the EU is taking.

I ain't really been following the whole thing, but it does seem to me that many of arguments, such as Europe's been good to us, or Euope's given us money isn't the point of the whole thing. It's about the future of Ireland and the future of the EU as a whole, and how Ireland fits inside of an expanding EU. The big question is how much control will small countries like Ireland cede?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Save the Corncrake

Birdwatch Ireland is launching a new effort to protect the Corncrake, starting in Donegal, West Connacht, around the Shannon and in West Kerry:

The corncrake's distinctive call was familiar in rural Ireland but its numbers have dwindled in recent decades due to more farm machinery disturbing its meadowland habitat.

The Corncrake Conservation Programme will be carried out in Co Donegal, West Connacht, the River Shannon's flood plains and West Kerry. The corncrake is the only regularly breeding species in Ireland which occurs on Irish and EU lists of threatened birds. In Ireland it is protected under the Wildlife Act.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Donegal Bay.

A view of Donegal Bay taken by fagus sylvatica on flickr:

Donegal river Eske
Originally uploaded by fagus sylvatica

The Four Masters Senior Hurling Team

Four Masters Senior Hurling Team
Originally uploaded by fhergaljohn

Thanks to Fergal for the picture.

Death during Donegal International Ralley

An 18 year spectator, from Strabane, was struck and killed by a car near Letterkenny the rally. Details from RTE:
According to reports an 18-year-old man was hit by a car which was taking part in the rally at around 3.30pm.

It happened at Ballyarr, about four miles from Letterkenny. The young man was pronounced dead at the scene which was preserved for technical examination ...

The organisers say it has been cancelled for today and decision has not yet been made as to whether it will proceed tomorrow. A statement is due this evening.

And from MotorSportIreland:

The incident is being fully investigated at present and initial indications are that there was no driver error involved. We urge anyone who may be able to assist the Gardai with their investigation to contact Superintendent Vincent O'Brien of Letterkenny Garda station, who has appealed for witnesses to come forward. Contact Gardai at 074-9122222.

Update: The final leg of the rally has been cancelled due to the accident:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Red Hut!

And the auld red hut (opposite the old Tech) looks like it got done over! It was probably done ages ago, but sure what would I know! 8)

The Red Shed and a Red Car


Are ye a Mini owner? Well get ye to Ballybofey on June 29th for the 4th annual Donegal Mini Owners Club Show:
And some pics from last year's.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Donegal Town girl competes to be Miss Universe Ireland!

Christine McBarron from Donegal Town will be competing to be crowned Miss Universe Ireland on Sunday June 8th, watch it on TV3:
Tomorrow night will see a Donegal Town woman compete for the title of Miss Universe Ireland.

Christine Barron is studying Speech and Drama in Rathmines in Dublin and will be representing a Dun Laoghaire night club at the event.

The event is to be screened live on TV3 tomorrow evening ...

OceanFM got her last name wrong! But the Herald got it right:
Army officer Collette (23) won her place in the Miss Ireland final after winning the Miss Dublin South heats last month.

Now her 19-year-old sister is mirroring her success by making it to the final of rival beauty pageant Miss Universe Ireland, representing Platinum nightclub.

Christina, a first-year student of English and Drama in DIT, revealed: "It's mad, my family are over the moon, especially with this being my first year in Dublin. All my friends are delighted. They call us the 'little celebrities' in Donegal" ...

And they're not the only success stories in the McBarron family, as their 20-year-old sister Eimhear has just returned from the US where she took part in test shots for the new Victoria's Secret catalogue.

However, despite the fact that many people think they are twins, the sisters are certainly following very different career paths. While Collette is an army officer based at Cathal Brugha Barracks, Christina is hoping to put her singing and acting talents to use by pursuing a career on the stage and screen.

They sound like talented and pretty girls, and all 3 sisters have been involved the fashion world. If anyone has any nice pictures let me know and I'll post them.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hike & Ceremony at the Plane Crash

On Saturday the Bluestack ramblers held an event at the plane crash and had a small ceremony attended by the family of Jim Gilchrist. The service included readings of poems and the family talked about Jim and his love of Donegal.

UTV where there not sure when they will broadcast it and there was an article in Tuesdays Irish Times, which I'll try and dig out.

Jim Gilchrist's Family at The Bluestacks WW2 Crash Site

Thanks to Pitmatic for the pics!

Sorry for not posting much recently, the news has been dry, and I've been laid up in bed with a fever all of a sudden.