Sunday, March 30, 2008

News: Cancer Treatment

A good article in the Irish Independent about the controversy about cancer care:

... under the current plan, Dublin will have four centres of excellence with others in Waterford, Cork, Limerick and Galway while the country north of the line between Galway and Dublin faces the prospect of being so far from specialist cancer care that people living there feel their civil rights have been ignored.

Imagine your in Inishowen, severely sick with cancer and you have to drive to Galway or Dublin a few times a month for care?

Oncologist John Crown says the concept of centralising cancer care is absolutely correct, but he is passionate that the northern half of the country needs its own centre.

"You cannot have every little hospital treating breast cancer. The treatment will be inferior. People will have to travel a bit to get treatment."

So we need centralised cancer treatment, but not so centralised that folk in Donegal can't get to it.

Professor Crown says there was a way in which placing a centre of excellence in Sligo would make sound medical and economic sense.

"If they take the old North Western Health Board region -- Sligo, Donegal and Leitrim, which would have about 225,000 to 250,000 people -- that is plenty big enough of a catchment area for a cancer centre. Under the current plan, they have given Donegal a small cancer chemotherapy unit maintained with some surgery, instead of having a comprehensive service covering the whole region and all the different types of cancers and their treatments in Sligo or elsewhere in the north west. It just makes no sense.

"The way forward is for all the people of the north west to agitate not for Sligo, or even the north west in particular, but for the entire north of the country," he says.

I think the article is worth reading, and a lot of people in the NW, especially the extremities will be affected by this:

Ann McGowan says the decision discriminates against women.

"Breast cancer is predominantly a female disease and that is the first thing they have removed from Sligo. The Government is not listening. They are not even listening to the elected members of their own party. Bertie Ahern and Mary Harney appear to have dug in their heels and the attitude is 'we will do what want and that is it'," she says.

She is all too familiar with the arduous nature of chemotherapy treatment when she had to travel from her home in Donegal to Sligo.

"I had to get someone to leave me up to Sligo every time I went for treatment. I was so ill. I was so tired. I couldn't walk to the top of the stairs without a rest. Yet they expect people in the north west to travel down to Galway. At the very least, it's a four-hour round trip and that is not talking about the people who come from the north of Donegal," she adds.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

News! 155MPH

Someone posted a YouTube video of a blue Subaru Impreza doing 155MPH through the Gap, the Gardi aren't impressed:
One of Donegal's leading garda traffic corps members says the people who recorded a video of a car doing 155 miles an hour through Barnesmore Gap will end up killing themselves or someone else.

The video, posted on the You Tube website this week, shows the blue Subaru Impreza leaving Donegal Town and traveling towards Ballybofey.

My opinion; if there's no-one else on the road what odds, if they kill themselves it's evolution in action. However, most of these speed demons are usually doing this in traffic and passing other cars at high speed on corners ... basically taking risks with other peoples lives.

Someone has a copy here . Looks like the car pulls out of Clar Chapel's Car Park and then races throught the Gap, lucky enough for him there was only one car in front of him.

Now can you imagine if there was someone walking across the road? At those speeds no-one can respond quickly enough, nor can the brakes stop them fast enough.

I wonder how many Blue Impreza's are there around Donegal Town, and how many of the drivers have that mark on their left hand (see at 2:25)? I'd bet the Gardi have a good idea who this is.

And here's a another wan, look at all the Northern Reg vans passing when there is on-coming traffic.

News: Shooting in Ballyshannon

Shooting in Ballyshannon last night:

A shooting incident in Ballyshannon, Co Donegal last night is being investigated by gardaí.

Old, old, old, Donegal

Market fair at the end of the 19th century or start of the 20th century. Photograph of a picture hanging on Eamon & Siobhan's wall:

Donegal Town Market

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gate lodge to Lough Eske Castle

Then (taken by meself in 1995):
Lough Eske Castle Gatehouse in 1995

And now!

Rain-drenched Donegal cottage - Gate lodge to Lough Eske Castle
Originally uploaded by MarsW


You ever been up to the plane crash, from World War 2, in the Bluestacks? Me neither, I must hike up there some day.

The Shattered Engine
Thanks to Pitmatic for the pic.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Big protest plans to get Cancer treatment at Sligo Hospital:
The battle to keep cancer-care services at Sligo General Hospital is continuing to heat up with fresh events planned for the forthcoming months, in the wake of a successful candle-light vigil on Friday night just past.

Thousands took to the streets on Good Friday, in protest against a move to transfer cancer-care services for North West patients to a proposed centre of excellence in Galway.

Plans are now underway for a protest concert to be held on Sligo's O'Connell Street on the 26th of April, and to gather 40,000 signtures for a petition to be given to the Taoiseach and the Minister for Health ...

Pan Celtic Festival!

Picture of Welsh Dancers:
(Sorry I can show the pic itself, the license it is under prevents that.)

I'll update this as I see more pics.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Site updates!

I moved a few of the things around on the column there on the right. I think I might move stuff around there to try and keep ye all interested! :)

And I added that map yoke! It guesses where the last 100 visitors came from. For a large view see

Let me know what you think? Or if you've any suggestions.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Man from Ballyshannon detained by US Immigration service:
The family of a young Ballyshannon man held in a U.S. jail has appealed to the American authorities not to keep him behind bars any longer. Soldier’s son Brian Gethins was arrested 10 days ago while on his way by bus to visit his Irish-American girlfriend Shannon Reynolds.
The 22-year-old is being held as an illegal immigrant in Cumberland County Jail, Portland, Maine. His parents Jimmy and Majella Gethins, of Finner, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, who fear he may be kept behind bars for three months, appealed to the U.S. authorities to send him home straightaway.

Jimmy, a fitter at Finner Army Camp, said: “Brian will pay the fare or we will pay it for him, no problem. If he has to be deported we just don’t understand why it can’t be done straight away. Why does he have to be kept imprisoned for so long before processing his case?”

Why? That's easy, because INS (Immigration & Naturalization Service) have feck all of a budget for dealing with cases like these, and secondly they don't care about foreigners. Being detained by the INS is not something I'd wish on anybody! I hope he gets to go home soon.

And the infamous Bog Hotel has been ordered to close down:
Donegal County Council has moved to shut down the infamous “bog hotel” near Frosses ... A notice served on him by the council describes the bar – which he insists is for private use – as an “unauthorised development.”
It also demands that he remove old cars, caravan wrecks and lorry parts which the council says add up to the operation of an illegal scrap yard. Mr Brogan (owner of the Boh Hotel) claimed yesterday that he is trying to clean up the yard and that council officials have conceded he had made progress. But he said he won’t be removing the bar which he claims is a private facility he shares with friends.

So the question is, is it a pub, or a private dwelling? Anyone ever been there?
Update: The Indo's covers the story too:

And a pic of the bog up the Bluestacks that I took a few years ago:
Hike up the Bluestacks

Friday, March 21, 2008


North west Diaspora project heads for Boston:
The Derry Donegal Diaspora project is crossing the Atlantic for the US next month, to reach out to emigrants from this region who may be interested in investing into it today.
Project coordinator, Aeidín McCarter, says they will be holding a US launch event in Boston to invite the Diaspora there to join the network she has established, which will link them directly to this region.

“The Diaspora project has already reached out across Ireland and to the UK, as part of efforts to draw in those who may wish to return home to work, to come back and set up a business in Derry or Donegal, or who can influence investment decisions which affect the region,” says Ms McCarter. “We were delighted with the response we got from the Dublin and London events and the numbers of people attending who signed up to our network.”

Some background on the project at:

And some interesting background on Grianan Aileach, from Unknowswilly:

And there is a 3000 acre farm nearby, called An Grianan, may become the biggest organic farm in Europe:

Thanks to Terra X na nGall on flickr for the pic (whom I think is also Unknowswilly):
Grianan Aileach March 2007

Pan Celtic Festival!

Are ye's ready for the Pan Celtic Festival?
Donegal Town is getting ready be to immersed by Celtic culture and tradition as preparations for the 37th Pan Celtic Festival are well underway this week.

Being officially launched next Tuesday, this is the first time Donegal Town has hosted the festival and will see a range of competitions, music, dance and events with a strong Celtic theme.

Visitors will be travelling from Scotland, Brittany, Wales, Cornwall and the Isle of Man to get involved in the festival, which is running from 25th to 30th March.

The offical website is at:
They'll be parades, music and dance, and competitions. See the programme. Looks like it could be fun, and at the least will bring some excitement and new faces to town!

Overview of Pan-Celticism.
And did you know that Letterkenny hosted the festival in 2006?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hike around Australia for Donegal charity:
Rehab are looking for Donegal trekkers to join in a walking tour of the Northern Territory and Western Australia which will take place in November 2008 with proceeds raised going towards Rehab services in Donegal
Covering the Northern Territory and Western Australia, the 14-day trek will be a wonderful trip, encompassing the diverse cities of Darwin, Perth and Fremantle, the historic town of Alice Springs and the legendary sites of Australia’s fabled Outback. The trip also includes a relaxing stop over in Singapore.

The Rehab Group is an independent not-for-profit organisation working for social and economic inclusion among people with disabilities and others who are marginalised.

For further information contact Amanda Crawford, REHAB NW Regional Coordinator, 087-6535888 email: "amanda.crawford AT"

Northern Ireland railway group say Donegal should be included in any study about the future of NI Railways:

Updated, News: BBC Lads

Updates on those lads from the BBC who were arrested:
Three men who were arrested in Donegal in relation to an investigation into paramilitary activity were released from custody on Monday evening.

Four BBC journalists who were arrested with three men in a van on Saturday were released without charge.

And updates on the others who were arrested:
Following a total of 11 arrests in Donegal yesterday (Sunday) under Section 30 of the Offences Against the State Act, two of the seven men still being quizzed about suspected dissident republican activity in the North-West have been moved out of County Donegal, with one taken to Manorhamilton Garda station and the other to Sligo town.
Four men have been charged with membership of an illegal organisation styling itself as the IRA at a special sitting of the Special Criminal Court tonight. All four men have addresses in Derry ...

All four have been remanded in custody until next Tuesday, when bail applications are expected to be heard.

A more full explanation here:
Police were forced to ram a van containing four BBC journalists after the driver allegedly failed to stop in County Donegal.

It is understood the vehicle was not being driven by any of the journalists, who were investigating dissident republican activity.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Updated, Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

And some pics from the 1987 parade! :)

I think I did post these ages ago. So does anyone have any from this year's parade?
Update: some pics here and here.


At least 4 men who work for the BBC arrested by the Gardai in Donegal. Seems the lads might have been doing undercover reporting on the Real IRA and sounds like the Gardai misinterpreted whom they were.
Four British Broadcasting Corp. journalists were among seven men arrested in Ireland in connection with an investigation into paramilitary activity, the BBC said Sunday.

The news organization said the journalists were working on a current affairs program for the BBC's Northern Ireland division when they were arrested by Irish police Saturday. Ireland's police confirmed that seven men between the ages of 30 and 48 were in custody but declined to offer further details.

The BBC said the arrests took place in County Donegal, a favoured haunt of the Irish Republican Army and its dissident offshoots because it borders Northern Ireland.

More coverage here and here. Some perspective here and here.

2 fishermen rescued off Inishowen:
The first man was discovered in the water this afternoon and the second fisherman was rescued in the evening following an extensive search.

Unfortunately, neither man survived:
They were today named locally as borthers Francis (71) and Daniel McDaid (69).

They were from Glengad, an area on the Inishowen peninsula around 3km from Malin Head, the country's most northerly point.

Donegal airport is busy due to all the exploratory drilling off the coast and is hiring additional (maybe temporary?) staff:

There's a wild cat or cougar loose in the hills of Donegal!
The wild cat mauled a flock of sheep in the Ballylawn area of Manorcunningham recently and was spotted by locals racing across a field after the attack.

I doubt it'll attack people and if your in a group it'll run away, just don't corner it! Now where would such a thing come from, probably some eejits pet and it got loose or they let it loose cause they didn't want to keep it anymore. More coverage on Highland Radio. And the Independent has a photograph!

Can you believe this, an office worker in Mary Coughlan's Ministeral office in Dublin, committed suicide in a cabinet in the office six months ago. Some people claim a government cover up (and blame Minister Coughlan), I say wait for the facts to come out (and we'll probably find out they just goofed up and didn't want the gutter press making a huge scene). Some glamorisation about the whole thing here:

Seems, they're really trying to crack down on misbehaviour this Saint Patrick's Weekend.

New to Donegal? Read the Donegal dictionary! :) And what the fup is a Donegal beard?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tory Island: Golden Waves Surround Her

Amazing aerial photograph of Tory:

Golden Waves Surround Her
Originally uploaded by raforrest

Thursday, March 13, 2008


So ya wanna be in the movies? Film to be in Inishowen will need extras who are locals!
'A Shine of Rainbows', described as a magical family feature, is a joint project being made by Sepia Films, Canada and award-winning James Flynn of Octagon Films in Ardmore, who produces the hit series 'The Tudors.'

The film tells the story of how a lonely orphan's life is transformed by an extraordinary woman who teaches him to conquer grief and discover the magic in nature and himself ... which will start shooting in April. It is thought that approximately half of the film's €6m budget will be spent locally.

"Most of the shooting will be centred around Malin Head, but there will also be scenes recorded on the Isle of Doagh, at Leenan and in Urris," she told the 'Journal' after the meeting.

"This is a major coup for us Donegal Film Commission and Donegal County Council. We've been working flat out on this since we brought Canadian producer Tina Pehme over straight from Cannes in June.

"The production team are keen to hire as many locals as possible, both on the technical side and as actors and extras. Media students are welcome to get in touch with the office here (937 3718), while there will be announcements in the local press for local auditions in the coming weeks.

And no late night extensions for St. Patrick's Day:
A Circuit Court Judge in Donegal has ordered a number of nightclubs in the county to close early after hearing evidence of a growing public order problem.

Nine nightclubs in Donegal town, Bundoran and Letterkenny had sought special exemptions until 2.30am over the St Patrick's bank holiday and Easter weekends.

However, two Superintendents applied to have that cut back to 1.30am because of the large number of people going onto the streets at 2.30am and the amount of public order problems that arise.

Yesterday six of the nine clubs agreed to a compromise closing time of 2am and today Judge O'Hagan ordered that the remaining three should also close at 2am.

Methinks some of them might serve till whenever anyway! It's a tough call as I'd like to out late on the beer, but with a few thousand drunken revelers on the Diamond it's potential serious mayhem! Click on the link, and look for video camera icon to see the news broadcast, interesting to see the stats on public order offences. 60 people arrested in Letterkenny last St. Patrick's day. And in the video clip get to see Donegal Court House and a bit of the town! :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


A bit more about that car ramming the Gardi near Burtonport:
A black Honda Civic that was driving erratically on Arranmore Island was met off the ferry by gardaí, but the car failed to stop.

A Garda car on the way to the scene was rammed and badly damaged.

The vehicle was chased by a second Garda vehicle and crashed about a mile away on the road to Kincasslagh. A second Garda vehicle was also damaged.

The three people in the car were taken to Letterkenny General Hospital.

And the driver was due in court on Monday:

Ferry to Arranmore
Ferry to Arranmore
Originally uploaded by Manυ

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Gardi cars rammed by car coming off the Burtonport ferry:
Gardaí in Letterkenny in Co Donegal are questioning a man after two garda cars were rammed by a car which had driven off the ferry at Burtonport.

Numbers on the dole are increasing:
The biggest rise was registered in Buncrana with 2,110 on the register at the end of February, 186 more than the pevious month. There were 1,042 people signing on in Ballyshannon, a rise of 100 ... there were 662 signing on in Ballybofey, a rise of 10 and 634 in Donegal, up 2 ...

The rise in the numbers signing on between February 2007 and February 2008 was just over 11%. That is a worrying figure, and that concern is likely to intensify as Donegal moves ever closer to the psychological barrier of 10,000.

€600,000 for towns affected by fishing ban:
Donegal Communities have been allocated over six hundred thousand euro under a scheme to help those affected by withdrawal of commercial salmon fishing.

Donegal schools affected by budgets cuts and won't be able to reduce class sizes by hiring additional teachers and may loose teachers:
The Donegal representative of the Irish National Teachers Organisation says they may be forced to take industrial action after it was revealed that plans to reduce class sizes this year have been scrapped.

Education Minister Mary Hanafin has confirmed that over 100 schools around the country are set to lose a teacher, even though class sizes are to remain the same.

In addition, about 200 schools will be unable to appoint new staff because of tighter budgets - with fourteen schools being affected in Donegal.

Friday, March 07, 2008


Wow, this is the first I heard of this. Seems that people marrying to allow non-residents to stay in the country:
Ten women and three men have gone on trial in County Derry charged with as total of 54 offences of partaking in sham weddings in Donegal and Northern Ireland.

After they were sworn in at Derry Crown Court yesterday, the jurors were told the trial is expected to run until May at the courthouse in Coleraine.

Jurors were told that the principal witnesses will be from registry of marraiges offices in Donegal and the North, as well as the British Home Office, Immigration Office and Garda National Immigration Bureau.

One of the accussed has an address in Dublin, the others all have addresses in Derry.

Prosecution barrister David Mc Dowell told the jurors the cases relate to the arrangeing of sham weddings between people who did not love each other, and certainly between people who were not in love.

The 54 charges relate to marraige ceremonies in Donegal and the North involving Chinese and Nigerian immigrants, who later applied for residency in Northern Ireland.

News: Marriage

Wow, this is the first I heard of this. Seems that there are marraiges occuring in Donegal to allow non-residents to stay in the country. Makes you think of Amerika or somewhere else, but not Donegal!
Ten women and three men have gone on trial in County Derry charged with as total of 54 offences of partaking in sham weddings in Donegal and Northern Ireland ...

One of the accussed has an address in Dublin, the others all have addresses in Derry.

Prosecution barrister David Mc Dowell told the jurors the cases relate to the arrangeing of sham weddings between people who did not love each other, and certainly between people who were not in love.

The 54 charges relate to marraige ceremonies in Donegal and the North involving Chinese and Nigerian immigrants, who later applied for residency in Northern Ireland.

And the 59,000 was raised in Donegal to support Guide Dogs.
The Donegal branch of guide dog fundraisers raised 59.000 last year! Thats some achievement!

Monday, March 03, 2008


There will be consultations on the usage of funds for Donegal (for Border regions) over the next 3 weeks:
A major consultation process begins today ahead of the preparation of a plan to outline how money granted to Donegal under the Peace 3 programme should be spent.

The Peace 3 programme is intended to continue the regeneration of communities in the North and the border region, and will specifically focus on acknowledging and dealing with conflict and building positive relations.

... a three week consultation period starts today, with public workshops at the council offices in Letterkenny this coming Wednesday and at the Mill Park Hotel in Donegal Town on Wednesday week.

The Chairperson of the partnership Cllr Francis Conaghan says this is an opportunity for everyone to have their say on how the PEACE III plan should be developed, and how the funding should be spent over the next seven years.

Thaks to "A G 1" on Flickr for the pic!
Welcome to Donegal


Blog updates.

I made some more changes. We now have ad's. I think I set it up right they might just be public service ads. We might make enough to buy a penny drink from them! :) If you don't like them let me know and I'll remove them. And I need to make sure Raz approves of the ads!

I also added a Google news thing, it's near the bottom on the right green panel thing. I get most of my Donegal news from a Google alert, so you'll probably see a lot of the same stories there. Don't be surprised if you see news items totally unrelated to Donegal ...

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Also, Sean was telling me that the page was loading very slowly for him, I realised that we were set to show 30 postings at a time, which can make for a very big webpage! I changed that to 10, so maybe the site will load a little quicker. So if you don't check the site often make sure to look at the older entries as you might miss some postings. Also, let me know if the site loads quick/slow for ya, maybe some of these widgets on the side of the page are causing it. If the page is still slow, I'll try changing it to display 5 postings per page instead of 10, and if that doesn't work I'll remove some of the new widgets.

Hmm, what else did I do? Ah, I added links to the following sites:

Auld Donegal

A picture of Quay Street from around 1973 or so. Thanks to Eamon & Siobhan! :)

Old Donegal

Sunday, March 02, 2008


County Mayor critrisied for going to the States for Paddy's day:
... Clr John Boyle said he believes there is nothing inappropriate about the trip, which he will be joined on by Clr Terence Slowey and a council official ... The Donegal party are due to depart on 8th March returning on 18th March. The council has said the trip is longer than usual this year, as the parade in Philadelphia has been brought forward from its traditional day (the Sunday before St. Patrick’s Day) which is Palm Sunday this year, to the 9th March. Donegal County Council are sending the least members with three while a ten-strong delegation will travel from Sligo and a total of five from Leitrim. Speaking on Ocean FM this morning, John Boyle vigorously defended the trip and maintained it is a good opportunity to meet with the county's undocumented who are living in the US.

A storm is a taecup so to speak, they do this every year and it's not like they're sending the whole council, and it's a good chance for them to try and promote Donegal, and as far as the Council budget go the cost probably wouldn't even tarmac a driveway.

But, I'm not sure what the Mayor of Donegal can do about illegal Paddies in Amerika? However, I met John Boyle a few years ago down at the Ringfort Inn which he owns, seems like a decent lad. Maybe I'll see him in Boston, do you think they'll be in hip trendy blaring death metal dive-bars that I frequent? ;)

Wow, and strong winds blew a lorry off the Ballyshannon road:
The driver of an articulated truck had a lucky escape when his vehicle was blown off the road by a freak 100kmh gust of wind yesterday (Tuesday).The 40-foot truck crashed sideways off the road and into a field just south of Ballintra on the main Ballyshannon to Donegal Town road ... A HSE West spokesman later said the driver was “stable” in Letterkenny General Hospital with “minor injuries”. The truck, owned by a Northern Ireland haulage company, was on its way to Dublin for a ferry to England with a cargo of bread being exported by Gallagher’s Bakery in Ardara.

And RTE will have a documentarty on Monday night about Frank Shortt:
'Operation Spider: The Framing of Frank Shortt' will air on Monday, March 3 at 9.30pm and will examine the Inishowen businessman's 15 year-long battle to clear his name. However in 1995 he ended up going to prison, the only person ever jailed on a charge of knowingly allowing drugs to be sold on his premises.

In October 2005, the High Court awarded him €1.93m in damages for the miscarriage of justice he suffered, and granted him his substantial legal costs.

Mr Shortt appealed the award to the Supreme Court and in March 2007, he was awarded more than €4.5million.

And that Donegal Surfing film won an award!

And here's a pic I took from the Diamond when I was home:
Donegal Town Courthouse
Sorry to everyone I meant to meet, but didn't, it was short trip, but I should be home in the summer.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Buncrana Town Council and Donegal County Council dumping on Buncrana beach?\
"It would be laughable if it wasn't so serious. All types of material have been tipped here—tyres, blocks, bricks and all types of commercial and domestic waste, even including silage from farms—you name it. All of his has been tipped illegally, without any duty of care, and with the blessing of the very authority (Donegal County Council) that is supposed to prevent this type of activity."

He points out that a Terram membrane, intended to prevent materials escaping into the lough, has only been used in certain places and is heavily torn. The rock wall, constructed by Donegal County Council is, he claims, too vertical and dangerous.

Finally, JJ notes that recent heavy rains have washed much of the material into the sea, adding to the problem of silting at Buncrana pier, which has prevented the RNLI lifeboat from berthing there. He says he finds it ironic that hundreds of thousands of pounds have gone into removing silt from the very same location, to safeguard the future of the lifeboat ...

That would almost be funny, if it wasn't so feckin' serious, talk about making a frigg' hems of a tourist attraction, if the council's won't care for the countryside why should anyone else?

Yoohoo! Donegal and Kerry make the least money. Er, hold on there what happened to the Celtic Tiger?
The latest figures from the Central Statistics Office for income in 2005 found the Dublin region had the largest amount to splurge, at 13pc above the State average of €20,164.The only counties with an average disposable income per person above the State average were Dublin, Limerick, Kildare and Wicklow ...

Bottom of the list came Donegal, followed by Kerry at €17,364, Carlow at €17,733, and Mayo at €17,879.

Of course this doesn't mention how much more expensive it is to live on the East coast anywhere near Dublin, just cause you make more doesn't always mean you have more. What I don't understand is Limerick, I was there years ago and it was a bit a run-down scary place, has it really gotten so affluent?

Support Donegal Designers:
The first ever Donegal Design Week, part of Enterprising Donegal Business Week 2008, will be held between the 7th and 14th of March in Letterkenny.

The ‘Show Off’ design exhibition, which will run throughout the week, will showcase the new work of Donegal designers in fashion, textiles, product design, photography, media and visual design.

The exhibition will include the work of designers such as Marina Hamilton Painter and Sculptor, Doherty Furniture and Kitchen Makers, Sharp Design, Patricia Given Couture, Made with Wood, Infinites Horizons Ltd., WORC Studio, Eilish Kennedy Designs, McGonigle Glass and Hannah McGuinness Jewellery Design.

Design Week is being coordinated by the Donegal Design Directorate Accel Project, a Donegal County Enterprise Board initiative to promote the value of good design to North West micro and small businesses.

Go to to learn more.

Donegal 9
Thanks to SewerDoc for a great pic! Anyone recognise our fiddle player? :)


Great audio podcast from John Cutliffe, from Buncrana, promoting the Buncrana Music Festival later in March. Click on the link below to go listen: