Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

SFRS: Part Three!

I realised that I've been posting these pics out of sequence! This posting should have been first.

This starts off with St Francis (Shane Gallagher) in his heavenly garden see's an angel in an apparition.

The Angel (Pauline Brogan) tells him he is needed for one reason or other to host a radio show. (We'll see Pauline's brother Super PJ in the next posting).

Do you remember Michael Jackon's Thriller video? PJ Dunleavy recites the Vincent Price bit from the video ..."Darkness falls across the land...". Then St. Francis is transformed into Ever Ready Eddie and sent down to earth!

Peter Lawne on Guitar, Brian Cannon on Drums, and Ian Curristian on Bass, get a good laugh!

And DJ Ever ready Eddie arrives on Earth! More pics to come, might not be until the New Year as I'll be away from the computer for a bit. Much thanks to Barry Cannon for the pics, and also to Barry & James Lawne for helping me remember what the storyline was! :)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Main Street

A view up the Main Street for any you missing home! :)

Street in Donegal
Originally uploaded by jacanegra


Curfew slapped on 2 teenagers in Buncrana:
A curfew has been imposed on two teenagers who embarked on a reign of terror in a rural town, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. They threw eggs, stones and other missiles at houses and cars in their native Buncrana, Co Donegal.

Closing date for the IDA site at Milltown was Dec 19th:
The price-tag on the site currently stands at around 4 million euro with interest said to be at a high level.

The agents dealing with the sale of the land have said that a national brand developer have expessed interest in the site, along with local parties.

It is understood the final sale of the site will be announced in early 2008 pending a review of the bids by IDA officials.

And lock yer doors!
Gardai in South Donegal are urging home-owners to ensure their properties are safe and secure in the run-up to Christmas to ward off potential burglaries.

The warning comes as a house in Bundoran was broken into yesterday afternoon.

The culprits broke a window to get into the property on the Church Road, which was unoccupied at the time, between 1.30pm and 3.30pm.

And if your a native Irish speaker the EU may need you (for a job):
Fluent Irish speakers in Donegal are being urged to apply for law vacancies in Europe. The EU institutions are currently recruiting lawyer linguists to work in offices on the continent.


Rape case retrial in 2008:
The retrial of six men charged with the alleged sexual assault of a teenage girl in a number of South Donegal locations has been adjourned until April of next year.

The trial sensationally collapsed in late November when it emerged that one of the jury panel knew one of the defendants four days into the trial.

Ex-garda on trail for voilent assault of girlfriend:
A garda who "pulverised" his former girlfriend's face in a sustained assault, just days before Christmas, has been described by a judge as a disgrace to his profession.

And some good news! Alan Doherty, from Letterkenny, born without a chin appears to be doing well in NYC where he is undergoing a series of painful surgerys:
Alan, who was born with a rare Maxillofacial disorder meaning he had no lower jaw, is the first person ever to be given a chin transplant, after a new jawbone taken from his leg was grown in his ribcage and then transplanted onto his face in a marathon operation.
On Monday Alan underwent another operation after part of the leg-bone implanted in his jaw in October became infected ...

In the latest surgery, part of his hip was transplanted into his face.

But the brave Letterkenny teen says he won't let the painful procedures get him down.

He wrote: "I'll just take everything in my stride and carry on and once I saw the way I may be in a year or two's time, that was it ? I knew I'd go ahead with these procedures, set-backs or none I'd keep my chin up, and look to the future."

... and he joked: "All I'm worried about now is, will I get through customs in JFK and Dublin now that I got my new chin .... in case people go crazy thinking I'm the new Tom Cruise!"

Sunday, December 16, 2007

SFRS: Part Two!

Some more pics from the No Name Club in 1985, for more details see: .

Barry & Peter Cannon, & Andrew Gallagher as Rastafarians singing "Three Little Birds".

Anita Twoomey, Fidelma Carr, and Marin Dunleavy singing.

Ever Ready Eddie (Shane Gallagher) the DJ, and Mick Timony (meself) as a ventriloquist, with James Lawne as Orville the ventriloquist's dummy! :)

And some commentary from Barry:
On the plot, as much as there was one, St Francis in his heavenly garden gets apparition from an angel (Pauline Brogan) who tells him he is needed for one reason or other to host a radio show. He morphs (Not "Murphs") into Ever-Ready Eddie and presents the show with various guest artists - don't think there was any clear moral outcome to close the narrative though. "SFRS" was the deep-voiced whispered jingle in the background - like the sound effect to the children's story (remember "small bear was sick UUUUUUGGGHHHHHHH!!!....?).
And, there are more pics to come! :)

Drummenny, 1914

Found this picture on, Drummenny is out behind Clar chapel. I figured someone might be interested in it:

James Ray helping on Francis farm, Drummenny, Donegal Town, Co. Donegal
Originally uploaded by Ray & Val

A few more here:


Amazing wave action on Mullagmore:

Farmer's worried that deer (maybe from Glenveagh) may have TB:

... said that there was a real need to look at carrying out a major cull of deer in Donegal, and to have them tested for TB.

The meeting heard that up to 10% of deer could have TB and he warned of a "catastrophy" if the deer population continues to grow.

A cull because some of them might have TB seems a bit of an overreaction to me. The deer were here before the farmers and we've denuded our country of enough of our native large wild mammals already.

More detail here:
Mr Joe Gettins, NPW Regional Manager stated: "I reject totally that it Glenveagh is responsible for the problem. It is not in our brief to cull the wider area. The one thing I abhor is people making statements without concrete facts. It is scare-mongering of the worst kind."

"It is as much in our interests to have a healthy deer population as it is for a farmer to have healthy livestock."

And the new luxury 5 star hotel has opened at Lough Eske castle:
It's being developed by Donegal man Pat Doherty of Harcourt Developments who already owns the Carlton Redcastle Hotel on the Inishowen Peninsula.

The 96-bedroom hotel has been constructed around the Elizabethan-style Lough Eske Castle, built in 1861.

I'd be interested in seeing what they've done to the place. Have they done a tasteful restoration of the castle and complemented it with interesting extensions that blend in with the original structure, or have the just made a mess a of it! :) Anyone got any pics? Is the gourmet restaurant any good? And if it just opened, give them a few weeks to iron out the bugs.

And it should bring provide some jobs for locals. I wonder how will it affect traffic on the wee roads out to the lake?

The number of B&B's in Donegal is decreasing:
... it was reported that while nationally, the B&B market is 'buoyant', Donegal and the western region have seen a large decline in the numbers of operating B&Bs

I wonder how much of this has to do with the increasing number of hotels that are about, and if many people don't need the money from running a B&B anymore.

And another rape trail:
A Donegal woman has claimed at the Central Criminal Court that a man she knew well socially, raped her in his car in the early hours of the morning after offering her a lift home from a pub.

News: Bit's & Pieces

Donegal Creameries is to get into the organic foods markets:
(Scrool 1/2 way down the page).
Donegal Creameries ... is setting up a big organic enterprise on its An Grianan estate, according to the Irish Examiner.

This could become the biggest organic farm in Europe if the group fully converts its 2,500-acre estate in Co Donegal to producing organic food.

... Once the transformation of the estate to organic status is completed, An Grianan may be one of the largest, if not largest organic farm in Europe.'

I think that's great, I'm all for more healthy sustainable foods.

Some Abbot's jobs lost in Galway may be moved to Donegal Town:
The company said it is possible that up to 50 to 100 of the jobs could be saved by relocating them to other Abbott facilities around Ireland, including Dublin, Donegal, Clonmel, Sligo, Longford and Cavan.

I'm sure they'll be some fierce competition for them.

Man who assaulted 14 year old girl claims voodoo made him do it!

Judge Zaidan said: "His reason offered [was] that voodoo contributed to his behaviour. Now it is clear from his previous record that within months of being released he commits this and offers the excuse of voodoo".

Does he think the judge is an idiot?

Judge Zaidan said despite the early plea and the reasons offered by the defendant, he would exercise his discretion and jail him for the maximum term of one year.

He ordered him to be placed on the sex offenders register, be subject to sex offenders treatment before his release and subject to two years supervision.

Hmmm, methinks prison alone isn't going to stop someone like this, he probably needs some serious psychiatric treatment.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Winners of a Flight of the Earls art competition

The girls in the photo are Rhea Coughlan, Ciara Lynch and Aoife Burke. The girls all attend the local school and were winners of a Flight of the Earls art competition in their age group. So well done girls, keep up the good work.

Sorry Ladies for the delay.. just checking through my mail and located the photo! Well done from me as well.....

Monday, December 10, 2007

No Name Club!

Live from Donegal Town, it's the Saint Francis Youth club!

Barry Cannon as Barry (David) Bowie singing Modern Love, with Andrew Gallagher & Peter Cannon.

Barry & Peter Cannon, & Andrew Gallagher as Rastafarians.
"What do you call a Kerry Rastafarian?"
If you want to know ask, and we'll tell ye in the comments! :)

Peter Lawne on Guitar, Brian Cannon on Drums, and Ian Curristian on Bass.

Thanks to Barry Cannon for getting these fantastic pics to me. He scanned them in and did a great job. I've 17 of these to post and I think I'll post over the next couple of weeks! We think the photographer was one of the Gallaghers (anyone know which one)?

These were taken on 31st March 1985 at the No Name Club that was on Sunday nights in the Central Hotel's ballroom. Meself and Barry, and many others were members of the Saint Francis Youth Club (sfyc) and we entered into the No Name Club. The No Name Club was variety contest where groups came from all over the county to compete, each night 2 different groups were on.

Update: I'd said it was a TV show, but James Lawne corrected me (pic of him coming soon) and it was a Radio Station and the DJ was Shane Gallagher as "Ever Ready Eddie" (pics later this week). SFRS on the back wall stands for Saint Francis Radio Station! :)

And James said:
We got to the final and lost to the group of breakdancers from Ballyboffey!
Please correct me if I'm wrong about anyone's name or anything else! :)

Friday, December 07, 2007

Wee shop

Anyone remember the wee shop out by Clar? :)

The Tin shop and a Chestnut tree

Thanks to Pitmatic for the pic!

News: Donegal Town Development decision delayed

Decision on development delayed till next week. Is this the development that Michael Kelly is planning on doing behind the car park on Main Street. Anyone know?
A decision from An Bord Pleanala on the construction of a large retail and residential development in Donegal Town has been postponed for another week.

The mixed use development will include retail and office untis, 52 apartments and car-parking facilites ...

An Bord Pleanala have said the case is being given 'priority' and a decision is now due on Monday 10 December.

If this is the plan for around Miller's Hill they'll have some job building stuff on that slope.

Anyone else remember sliding down Miller's Hill in the snow? :)

Old Donegal Town Postcard
The pic is from one of the old John Hinde postcards from the 1970's. My Aunt Isable had this and I scanned a copy.

News: Loss at Sea

2 men, a Father & Son, loose their lives in Iver Bay.

The initial story from the Irish Times:
The pair were thrown from the small boat in heavy seas in Donegal Bay - the second fishing tragedy to hit the west of Ireland in the past 24 hours. It is understood the two men who died are from Inver Port, Co Donegal. The man who died was believed to be in his 40s and his son was 19 years old.

The coastguard plucked the pair from the sea after an hour and they were flown to Sligo General Hospital, but they died later, a spokeswoman for the Health Service Executive said.

The Irish Coast Guard said a search and rescue operation was launched for the father and son off Donegal at around 12.30pm when a passer-by saw a flare being set off.

Officers in Malin Head dispatched the helicopter from Sligo and contacted lifeboat crews in Killybegs and Bundoran but they could not launch due to the weather.

"The weather was too poor for those two crews to launch, the winds were up to gale force," a Coast Guard spokesman said. The helicopter was on the scene within a half an hour and had found the men and winched them on board by 1.30pm. Both were suffering from severe hypothermia. They had left Killibegs harbour in a 20ft open deck lobster boat to check on pots in the bay.

And more coverage from later the following day:

A father and son died in hospital yesterday shortly after being airlifted from the sea in Inver Bay.

The pair, who have been named locally as 46-year-old Liam Kennedy and his teenage son Conor, were checking lobster pots around half a mile off the coast when they got into difficulties during high winds.The alarm was raised by another fisherman who had returned to shore due to the bad weather.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Rossnowlagh on a Winter's day


Thanks to CyberGirl1 for the pic!


I thought I'd try posting news articles more often we wouldn't end up with enormous posts taking up the whole page!

24-year-old Barry Gallagher from Killybegs killed in car accident near Killybegs:

2 companies looking for Uranium exploration licenses refused:

Sunday, December 02, 2007


If you like rallying, you'll like this video from the inside of a car at the recent rally in Donegal: