Friday, September 21, 2007

Ye Gods! Just what have they do to the Quay?

A modern Austrian Count, direct descendant of the great warlord Aodh Rua O’Donnell, has castigated the way the old Abbey, where O’Donnell is buried, is being desecrated by modern materialism.

His exclusive comments followed the unveiling of a life size bronze sculpture of Aodh Rua 1st at the pier in Donegal Town.

I don't know if I'd call it "modern materialism", but I'd call it bad design and planning. But I'd agree with all of this:

“This is a threatening thing for this Abbey. For me, this is respectless. It could have been done in a more decent way. It could be lower; it could be anywhere, but not here.
“If you go into the friary, there is rubbish all over and there should be excavations because he (Aodh Rua 1st) is buried here. And I feel that this is a shame.
“Now that the wealth has come, something should be done to ensure the Abbey is preserved in a proper way.”

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