Friday, September 07, 2007


Donegal woman swims the English Channel:
Anne-Marie Ward, from Portnablagh, left the Dover coastline at 3am on Wednesday morning and reached France before midnight last night ... did the 21 mile swim in 20 hours and five minutes. She is hoping to raise up to €20,000 through sponsorship for the Donegal Hospice.

Unemployment is 11% in Co. Donegal, based on the 2006 census:
New figures from the Central Statistics Office show an unemployment rate of just over 11% in Donegal last year ... The figures, based on census returns in April 206, show Buncrana to be the town with the highest percentage of unemployment ... The overall figure for Donegal shows a total of 63,935 people over 15, 7,265 of whom are classified as unemployed, that's 11.3%.
See the article for more details.

A bunch of festivals happening in the county!

And the Pan Celtic Festival will be held in Donegal Town next March! It was held in Letterkenny in 2007:
To promote and strengthen Celtic languages, culture, music, song and sport and to encourage inter-Celtic tourism, trade and commerce, and exchange of information.

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