Thursday, September 06, 2007


Woman from Laghey killed in car accident:
A Laghey mother-of-three teenage children, named locally as Catherine Monaghan, tragically died yesterday afternoon following injuries she sustained in a two-car collision at Drumgun near Pettigo.

Anti-social behaviour and crime in a townland near Kilcar:
As well as the break-in cars had been tampered with and the sounds of revving engines kept people awake for hours. One of the residents, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that his house was broken into and items of furniture were damaged. They were thrown in somebody else’s field and into the middle of the road.

Donegal woman to swim the English Channel:

If your a Donegal resident your more likely to live in poverty:
People living in Donegal are, on average, twice as likely to live in poverty compared to other areas of the country.

Student from Mountcharles take a month to find accomadation in Dublin:
A mature student from Donegal who spent more than a month looking for accommodation in Dublin has succeeded in finding somewhere to live. 24 year old Aoife Leonard from Mountcharles is a first year psychology student at UCD.

Earlier this week, she supported a group of approximately 30 student leaders who staged an overnight protest outside Leinster House to highlight accommodation shortages for students.

Ms Leonard said she was overjoyed to learn that she has found somewhere to live for the academic year ahead.

This is news? Not to belittle how hard it is to get accommodation in Dublin, but it's always been hard to find good, cheap accommodation in Dublin. If there is a housing shortage then the colleges should be prepared to provided dorms on campus for students. But, then locals would complain that rents would go down as not enough people would be looking for flats!

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