Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Live from Letterkenny!

Thanks to Ronan for making these videos available to us of the band ‘Pavesi’ playing at the Casbah in Letterkenny last Wednesday (Sept 5th 2007):

Duck on vocals, Ronan Hanna on Lead Guitar, Peter Lawne on Bass, and the excellent Johnny McCabe on Drums, playing in The Casbah in Letterkenny on Sept 5th.

See them all at YouTube:

See a pic of Duck from a few years ago:

U know, I might have a pic somewhere of his Dad singing, I must find it and post it! :)

Updated with the correct band name and location, thanks Ronan & Ciaran.


Ciaran Mc said...

I don't that's the Pavesi. It looks like Casbagh in Letterkenny. The band is called 'The Paves' hence the confusion possibly???
Great tunes... best of luck to all concerned..

Ciaran Mc

Ciaran Mc said...

Sorry.. misprint above.. Band name is actually The Pavesi..

Mick T. said...

Thanks for the corrections! I fixed the posting.

Yeah I wasn't sure if the banner behind them was the name of the place or the name of the band. Is the (Rock the) Casbagh a good place to go to? If it is I might check it out next time I'm home. :)