Friday, September 07, 2007

Brian: Blast from the past!

And another pic of Brian, this time from 1988:

Good to see you haven't aged! :)

And next, posing in the Castle Bar (in 1985?), with Eamon & Zack!

Hmmm, methinks the lads are trying to ruin Brian's pose?

Thanks to Sean Brennan for the pics! And happy birthday Brian. :)


Anonymous said...

Ahh its great to see some photos and some craic up here again, it was starting to get dominated by bad news, and sure we get enough of that don't we ? I don't believe in being overwhemled by bad news.Much better to go through life with a smile

Mick T. said...

I agree! Now if people would send us more pics!

If anyone has pics that aren't digital they could post them to me and I'd scan them and post the pics back.