Sunday, August 26, 2007


Murder novel set in Ramelton:
GARDAI in Donegal are investigating a murder in a church in Ramelton. The Second Ancestoral Church is the scene of a gruesome crucifixtion in the town. The victim has been named as master carpenter James Moore from Downings.
I started reading this and first thought it was something that really happened!
Murder, suspense, affairs and intrigue are rarely associated with the Ramelton town, resting on the banks of the River Lennon, but for crime writer, Paul Charles, the Donegal town has provided inspiration for his new book, "The Dust of Death".

Scam alert! Don't fall for this scam being advertised in local and national newspapers:

Lots of people applying to build their houses:

Big power outage around Letterkenny earlier this week:

Fella who mooned Govners mansion in Sengal is out on bail:

Hindu Temple for Letterkenny:

Donegal VEC grants for 3rd level students are going to be delayed:
The President of the Students Union at Letterkenny IT says he has been informed by the VEC that third level degree students from Donegal are likely to experience a delay in the payment of grants. The Union of Students of Ireland is blaming the government for failing to introduce the Student Support Bill in the Dail before the summer holidays as promised.

Here's a wee pic took on the Diamond while I home at the end of May:

I was lucky, I got 1.5 weeks of great weather. The day after I left I got an e-mail from me sister, Jeannie, saying it rained all day. And then it rained 50+ days in a row! Typical Irish feckin' summer! ;) At the moment here it's the hottest day of the year, 36C today!

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