Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Drugs Haul:
GardaĆ­ in Co Donegal have seized 50kg of herbal cannabis in an operation involving customs, the PSNI and the Garda National Drugs Unit.


20,000 home vacant in the county:
More than one in four Donegal homes are currently unoccupied, according to government figures. A recent report from Central Statistics Office reveals that there are just under 20,000 residences lying vacant in the county, including 9,500 houses, 8,500 holiday homes and 1,400 apartments.

The figure represents 27% of total housing in the county, compared to the national average of 15%.

Feck! I wonder how many of these are holiday homes, and how much of this just represents over building?

But, WTF, housing prices are on the rise!
That just sounds odd to me.

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