Thursday, August 16, 2007


A lot of phone boxes are going away, where will Superman change if he ever comes to Donegal?
Eircom will tomorrow post notices on 22 phone boxes across the county it intends to remove due to vandalism or a lack of use.

First of its kind retirement village in Donegal for Milford:
Work has already got underway in Milford to construct 21 homes for retired people, which will be adjacent to the Aras Ui Dhomhnaill Nursing Home. Developer John Ui Dhomhnaill says the village will allow elderly people to live independently yet securely within their own communities.

Accused gunrunners, from Northern Iron, take a holiday in Co. Donegal:

A lot of articles about a Donegal lad, from Dunfanaghy, who mooned a Senegalese governors residence was arrested:
An Irish student has spent almost three weeks locked up in Senegal after an alleged cheeky prank went wrong. Patrick Devine, 19, from Dunfanaghy, Co Donegal, was arrested last month after dropping his trousers and "pulling a mooner" outside the home of one of the country's governors in Saint Louis ...

... his arrest came at the end of what he described on internet site Bebo as the worst week of his life after he contracted chicken pox and had part of his small toe amputated due to infection.

Unlucky fecker, but if your in another country you gotta respect the rules (until you know how they strict they are) and not everywhere is a as easy going as Donegal or Ireland. I hope he fares well, and gets home soon.

And they'll be even more Gallagers in Donegal!
Oasis are being asked to join in with a world record-breaking, family-reunion plea. Noel and Liam Gallagher have been asked to attend potentially the largest family reunion ever.

The event will unite Gallaghers from all over the world and take place in the original Gallagher homeland of Co Donegal.

Interesting blog about politics and the economy in Donegal, makes some interesting reading:

Though the local economy is in far better shape than it was a decade ago, much of it is based on the boom in the construction industry. There is, therefore, serious potential for disaster in the event of a downturn in the building trade, because many of those who now make a decent living from it have no other skills. In fact, this is a constituency which seems not to be making the transition to the knowledge economy. I am not aware of any significant progress in creating high skilled jobs in the area.

Surf for South African:

Ireland's largest Surf lesson is a fund raising event, and all proceeds will go towards The Niall Mellon South Africa Township Project.

The launch for Ireland's largest surf lesson will take place at 10pm on Friday August 17th at The Chasin' Bull, Bundoran. There will be a beach party, hosted by Bundoran's lovliest divas, 'The Surfchixxx'. The evening will include prizes for best beach fancy dress, and an auction of qualitty musical and surf products, and various other entertainments.

Must tell me friend Tom about this! I shared a flat with him in college in Dublin years ago. He's originally from Galway County and just moved back to Galway, to the the city, after years away. He's taken up surfing a few years back so must encourage him to go to Donegal!

Tullan Strand

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