Thursday, August 16, 2007

More pics!

Carrying on from this posting:

These are all from the same video I mentioned in the posting below, the image quality is fairly bad because it's photographs of a video. In some of them you might even see my reflection, or Aunty Isabel or Uncle James.

Gordon Simms had taken a video of the Four Masters as the demolition crew were clearing up after a bad fire. Basically, the demo crew were 2 of Flood's cranes (Flood's Garage is now where Super Valu is).

One crane a had a big weight suspended from it, and the other crane was pushing the weight against sections of the building that had to be knocked down. Looking at the video it appeared to be a long and tedious process. I'm sure these days a real wreaking ball would have showed up, but in them days, 1986, there wasn't a wile load of wealth about.

First up, the crane with the weight:

I remember this fella about the town when I was a kid. I think his name is Frankie? I think Frankie was standing in the back of McGroarty's yard as Gordon had started walking around and capturing the watching crowd.
Next the camera pans around the Diamond, and we see some of the crowd watching and Foodland. Where Foodland was is now Mary's, and people still loiter in the friggin' doorway.
Looking towards the Abbey, and the Abbey Hotel Shop. When I was a kid we used to call it Breslin's shop, did anyone else use to call it that?

Now whose the fella in the foreground? Is he O'Donnell from St. Joesph's Ave?

More of the crowd, whose the fella in the 2nd pic?


The fire engine, and whose that with the cap?

The Fire Brigade and looking towards Main Street:

And I remember this fella, he lives (or lived) up by Marian Villas and didn't he used to sweep the streets too?
If you recognise anyone, let me know their name or if I've anyone's name wrong. And if I've mis-recognised anyone, it must be auld age setting in. Sure didn't I celebrate me 40th birthday last month. Anyone want to see pics?


Razmondo said...

Mick, the guy you are asking about is Johnny Murphy. I'm nearly sure that both bottom pics are of him.. Hey, dude you keepin us all entertained.. excellent !

Anonymous said...

More pics please they're great...thanks Mick