Monday, August 27, 2007

More News!

Smuggler's Creek is up for auction:
Smuggler’s Creek in Rossnowlagh went under the hammer at the Abbey Hotel in Donegal Town yesterday (Tuesday) but didn’t make the reserve price.

The auction began at €3.25million with no takers. The price spiralled, dropping hundreds of thousands minute after minute, until a more manageable €2.4million was reached ... and came in with a bid of €2.85million, €50,000 too rich for his only competitor.

This closed the bidding, but the reserve had not been reached and all that endeavour had earned him was an exclusive negotiating right.

Lough Eske to be recognised as a scenic spot?
Dermot (Devitt)claims that the area is already in danger of losing its appeal due to new construction developments and the disappearance of a forest walk, but hopes the panel will help preserve some of its character.

“Lough Eske is a neglected gem and is in danger of losing its charm. With the information panel in place its future might not be as bleak,” he said.

I'd agree with that! For instance Harvey's Point used to be somewhat low key but the new extension they build (that I believe they needed to get retention from the Council for it) just seems too massive looking for the area. Plus, when the new luxury hotel is complete at Lough Eske Castle it will increase the traffic on the roads around there, roads that aren't designed for such traffic. Will the council improves the roads there? Will they ensure the lake won't get polluted from the huge septic systems that these establishment must need?

Information on Energy Conservation in Donegal (thanks to Jeannie for the link):

And three difference tourists experiences in Donegal, two in Donegal Town and the other up North of the County:

Tourist don't come to Ireland to see bungalows! (And tourists often don't know where they feck they are!)

And someone's experiences at Doe Castle:
There is precious little in north Donegal for visitors and one would have thought that the restoration of the castle would have been given priority. It is a monument of great significance and it was at Doe, in 1642, that Owen Roe O'Neill landed to fight in the Confederate Wars. Owen Roe was, of course, nephew of Hugh O'Neill, aka the Earl of Tyrone, who is much in the news this year.

And gardners beware! There has an outbreak of Sudden Oak Death near Derry:
And there is funding to have more public nurse for the county:

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