Monday, August 13, 2007

Dublin - Donegal Express Accident

The Dublin to Donegal Express went off the road into a ditch and there were some minor injuries:

Seven people have been injured after a bus travelling from Dublin to Donegal overturned in County Cavan. The single decker coach left the road in Swanlinbar at about 1445 BST on Saturday

An inquiry is to be held into the circumstances surrounding a collision involving a bus operated by a Donegal company in Co. Cavan yesterday ... Around fifty people were on the bus at the time and eight people had to receive treatment for minor injuries ... The worst injury reported was a broken hand and some of the passengers were said to be suffering from shock ...The bus which is operated by private Bus Company on behalf of Bus Eireann was built in 2006 and said to be fully seat-belted.

Good job no-one was badly hurt. I'm surprised the bus still goes that awful route via Swanlinbar, used to always make me feel carsick when I used to ride the bus up and down from college at the weekends.

Donegal Town

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Jeannie said...

I beleive that may be the same bus James was on,it had been raining heavily for a few days, and a car skidded in front of the bus and it went into the ditch according to himself.

Jeannie T