Friday, August 31, 2007


Body found in Letterkenny is missing man from Dungloe:

Donegal kids taking places in Derry schools from Derry kids?
They claim children from County Donegal have secured places at grammar schools at the expense of local children. The two families said their daughters were offered places at St Cecilia's College in Derry and then had the offers withdrawn.

Efforts to stop dog poop on Donegal beaches:
Dog owners at a number of beaches in County Donegal are to be given free poop scoops over concerns about fouling in popular tourist areas ...

Poop scoops are to be distributed free of charge at blue flag beaches at Rosnowlagh, Fintra, Murvagh and Narin... Donegal county council's waste awareness officer, Suzanne Tinney, said dog fouling on beaches is the equivalent of littering which is subject to a fine of €125.

Tourist temporarily stranded in Donegal Town after thiefs siphon diesel from their bus:
A group of English tourists visiting Donegal were forced to change their holiday plans today after 30 gallons of diesel was siphoned from their coach overnight ... The vehicle was parked in a regular parking bay at the pier in Donegal Town. Local Gardai confirmed the matter had been reported to them, the cost of replacing the fuel was estimated at €150 ...

The group, comprised predominantly of pensioners from Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield, are on a four day National Holidays package to the North West ...
Today, they'll enjoy the attractions of Donegal Town on foot....

Mooner back in Donegal?
There is speculation that the Donegal teenager released on bail from prison in Senegal may have returned home to Dunfanaghy. Patrick Devine was released on bail last Friday after spending nearly a month in prison following his arrest on 27th of July for mooning in a public place.

Mamography service for Donegal?
A spokesperson for the North West Wellness Committee says they hope to have a new mamography unit up and running in Letterkenny by early 2008.

Danny O'Donnell "stripes" for charity:
The Donegal crooner fufilled thousands of female fantasies by shedding his threads . Over 700 people attended the event which was held to raise funds to bring community breast screening to the Donegal region. The contest was the opening event in a planned series of fundraisers with a €500,000 target to build a cancer clinic in Co Donegal.

I know he's a wile nice fella, but I almost wish he was in Sengal at the time. ;)

Monday, August 27, 2007

More News!

Smuggler's Creek is up for auction:
Smuggler’s Creek in Rossnowlagh went under the hammer at the Abbey Hotel in Donegal Town yesterday (Tuesday) but didn’t make the reserve price.

The auction began at €3.25million with no takers. The price spiralled, dropping hundreds of thousands minute after minute, until a more manageable €2.4million was reached ... and came in with a bid of €2.85million, €50,000 too rich for his only competitor.

This closed the bidding, but the reserve had not been reached and all that endeavour had earned him was an exclusive negotiating right.

Lough Eske to be recognised as a scenic spot?
Dermot (Devitt)claims that the area is already in danger of losing its appeal due to new construction developments and the disappearance of a forest walk, but hopes the panel will help preserve some of its character.

“Lough Eske is a neglected gem and is in danger of losing its charm. With the information panel in place its future might not be as bleak,” he said.

I'd agree with that! For instance Harvey's Point used to be somewhat low key but the new extension they build (that I believe they needed to get retention from the Council for it) just seems too massive looking for the area. Plus, when the new luxury hotel is complete at Lough Eske Castle it will increase the traffic on the roads around there, roads that aren't designed for such traffic. Will the council improves the roads there? Will they ensure the lake won't get polluted from the huge septic systems that these establishment must need?

Information on Energy Conservation in Donegal (thanks to Jeannie for the link):

And three difference tourists experiences in Donegal, two in Donegal Town and the other up North of the County:

Tourist don't come to Ireland to see bungalows! (And tourists often don't know where they feck they are!)

And someone's experiences at Doe Castle:
There is precious little in north Donegal for visitors and one would have thought that the restoration of the castle would have been given priority. It is a monument of great significance and it was at Doe, in 1642, that Owen Roe O'Neill landed to fight in the Confederate Wars. Owen Roe was, of course, nephew of Hugh O'Neill, aka the Earl of Tyrone, who is much in the news this year.

And gardners beware! There has an outbreak of Sudden Oak Death near Derry:
And there is funding to have more public nurse for the county:

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Murder novel set in Ramelton:
GARDAI in Donegal are investigating a murder in a church in Ramelton. The Second Ancestoral Church is the scene of a gruesome crucifixtion in the town. The victim has been named as master carpenter James Moore from Downings.
I started reading this and first thought it was something that really happened!
Murder, suspense, affairs and intrigue are rarely associated with the Ramelton town, resting on the banks of the River Lennon, but for crime writer, Paul Charles, the Donegal town has provided inspiration for his new book, "The Dust of Death".

Scam alert! Don't fall for this scam being advertised in local and national newspapers:

Lots of people applying to build their houses:

Big power outage around Letterkenny earlier this week:

Fella who mooned Govners mansion in Sengal is out on bail:

Hindu Temple for Letterkenny:

Donegal VEC grants for 3rd level students are going to be delayed:
The President of the Students Union at Letterkenny IT says he has been informed by the VEC that third level degree students from Donegal are likely to experience a delay in the payment of grants. The Union of Students of Ireland is blaming the government for failing to introduce the Student Support Bill in the Dail before the summer holidays as promised.

Here's a wee pic took on the Diamond while I home at the end of May:

I was lucky, I got 1.5 weeks of great weather. The day after I left I got an e-mail from me sister, Jeannie, saying it rained all day. And then it rained 50+ days in a row! Typical Irish feckin' summer! ;) At the moment here it's the hottest day of the year, 36C today!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Drugs Haul:
GardaĆ­ in Co Donegal have seized 50kg of herbal cannabis in an operation involving customs, the PSNI and the Garda National Drugs Unit.


20,000 home vacant in the county:
More than one in four Donegal homes are currently unoccupied, according to government figures. A recent report from Central Statistics Office reveals that there are just under 20,000 residences lying vacant in the county, including 9,500 houses, 8,500 holiday homes and 1,400 apartments.

The figure represents 27% of total housing in the county, compared to the national average of 15%.

Feck! I wonder how many of these are holiday homes, and how much of this just represents over building?

But, WTF, housing prices are on the rise!
That just sounds odd to me.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Still Rocking.. & good reason to blow his horn !

Charlie Cannon Celebrates... his 70th.

Hard to believe that this Rocker is now seventy !! Well apparently it's true... I personally want to see his birth cert. Congratulations Boss ! you have been entertaining nationwide & beyond for many years. I'm sure, that there are many people whom will raise a glass & salute you!
Many thanks to Brian & Cindi Cannon for the picture

Thursday, August 16, 2007

More pics!

Carrying on from this posting:

These are all from the same video I mentioned in the posting below, the image quality is fairly bad because it's photographs of a video. In some of them you might even see my reflection, or Aunty Isabel or Uncle James.

Gordon Simms had taken a video of the Four Masters as the demolition crew were clearing up after a bad fire. Basically, the demo crew were 2 of Flood's cranes (Flood's Garage is now where Super Valu is).

One crane a had a big weight suspended from it, and the other crane was pushing the weight against sections of the building that had to be knocked down. Looking at the video it appeared to be a long and tedious process. I'm sure these days a real wreaking ball would have showed up, but in them days, 1986, there wasn't a wile load of wealth about.

First up, the crane with the weight:

I remember this fella about the town when I was a kid. I think his name is Frankie? I think Frankie was standing in the back of McGroarty's yard as Gordon had started walking around and capturing the watching crowd.
Next the camera pans around the Diamond, and we see some of the crowd watching and Foodland. Where Foodland was is now Mary's, and people still loiter in the friggin' doorway.
Looking towards the Abbey, and the Abbey Hotel Shop. When I was a kid we used to call it Breslin's shop, did anyone else use to call it that?

Now whose the fella in the foreground? Is he O'Donnell from St. Joesph's Ave?

More of the crowd, whose the fella in the 2nd pic?


The fire engine, and whose that with the cap?

The Fire Brigade and looking towards Main Street:

And I remember this fella, he lives (or lived) up by Marian Villas and didn't he used to sweep the streets too?
If you recognise anyone, let me know their name or if I've anyone's name wrong. And if I've mis-recognised anyone, it must be auld age setting in. Sure didn't I celebrate me 40th birthday last month. Anyone want to see pics?


A lot of phone boxes are going away, where will Superman change if he ever comes to Donegal?
Eircom will tomorrow post notices on 22 phone boxes across the county it intends to remove due to vandalism or a lack of use.

First of its kind retirement village in Donegal for Milford:
Work has already got underway in Milford to construct 21 homes for retired people, which will be adjacent to the Aras Ui Dhomhnaill Nursing Home. Developer John Ui Dhomhnaill says the village will allow elderly people to live independently yet securely within their own communities.

Accused gunrunners, from Northern Iron, take a holiday in Co. Donegal:

A lot of articles about a Donegal lad, from Dunfanaghy, who mooned a Senegalese governors residence was arrested:
An Irish student has spent almost three weeks locked up in Senegal after an alleged cheeky prank went wrong. Patrick Devine, 19, from Dunfanaghy, Co Donegal, was arrested last month after dropping his trousers and "pulling a mooner" outside the home of one of the country's governors in Saint Louis ...

... his arrest came at the end of what he described on internet site Bebo as the worst week of his life after he contracted chicken pox and had part of his small toe amputated due to infection.

Unlucky fecker, but if your in another country you gotta respect the rules (until you know how they strict they are) and not everywhere is a as easy going as Donegal or Ireland. I hope he fares well, and gets home soon.

And they'll be even more Gallagers in Donegal!
Oasis are being asked to join in with a world record-breaking, family-reunion plea. Noel and Liam Gallagher have been asked to attend potentially the largest family reunion ever.

The event will unite Gallaghers from all over the world and take place in the original Gallagher homeland of Co Donegal.

Interesting blog about politics and the economy in Donegal, makes some interesting reading:

Though the local economy is in far better shape than it was a decade ago, much of it is based on the boom in the construction industry. There is, therefore, serious potential for disaster in the event of a downturn in the building trade, because many of those who now make a decent living from it have no other skills. In fact, this is a constituency which seems not to be making the transition to the knowledge economy. I am not aware of any significant progress in creating high skilled jobs in the area.

Surf for South African:

Ireland's largest Surf lesson is a fund raising event, and all proceeds will go towards The Niall Mellon South Africa Township Project.

The launch for Ireland's largest surf lesson will take place at 10pm on Friday August 17th at The Chasin' Bull, Bundoran. There will be a beach party, hosted by Bundoran's lovliest divas, 'The Surfchixxx'. The evening will include prizes for best beach fancy dress, and an auction of qualitty musical and surf products, and various other entertainments.

Must tell me friend Tom about this! I shared a flat with him in college in Dublin years ago. He's originally from Galway County and just moved back to Galway, to the the city, after years away. He's taken up surfing a few years back so must encourage him to go to Donegal!

Tullan Strand

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Number 1 in an occasional series of pictures that I might post:
Four Masters Four Masters Fire
This is from 1986, when there was a bad fire in the Four Master's Book shop. Gordon Simms, an avid video-taper, taped the crane used to digger used to knock down the walls and interior that were damaged in the fire.

Gordon gave some of the video tapes to me Uncle James and Aunt Isabel, and I took some pics of some of the videos we watched when I dropped in to see them one night. Sorry for the poor quality.

I'll only post some more of these pics if someone (beside Raymond) leaves a comment to show that someone reads this. Actually, I might not post again, unless I see evidence that someone is reading this blog.

Cheers Mick

Monday, August 13, 2007

Dublin - Donegal Express Accident

The Dublin to Donegal Express went off the road into a ditch and there were some minor injuries:

Seven people have been injured after a bus travelling from Dublin to Donegal overturned in County Cavan. The single decker coach left the road in Swanlinbar at about 1445 BST on Saturday

An inquiry is to be held into the circumstances surrounding a collision involving a bus operated by a Donegal company in Co. Cavan yesterday ... Around fifty people were on the bus at the time and eight people had to receive treatment for minor injuries ... The worst injury reported was a broken hand and some of the passengers were said to be suffering from shock ...The bus which is operated by private Bus Company on behalf of Bus Eireann was built in 2006 and said to be fully seat-belted.

Good job no-one was badly hurt. I'm surprised the bus still goes that awful route via Swanlinbar, used to always make me feel carsick when I used to ride the bus up and down from college at the weekends.

Donegal Town

Friday, August 10, 2007

IHF chief pays tribute to deceased Donegal hoteliers

Tributes are being paid today to two prominent female hoteliers in south Donegal who passed away this week.

82 year old Mary Britton of the Sandhouse Hotel in Rossnowlagh died on Tuesday afternoon. The mother-of-five was a native of Co Galway and spent years promoting tourism at home and abroad.

97 year old Elizabeth McEniff died at her residence in the Holyrood hotel in the early hours of this morning.

Mickey Harte?

Anyone remember Mickey Harte selling fish on the Diamond?

Came across this old pic here from some lad's tour of Donegal in 1988:

Mickey was a fish-monger and used to sell fish on the Diamond, which his father did before him. I alway remember me Mum sending me over on Friday's to pick up some whiting for the dinner.

Wheneven I'd be home and Mickey would see me walking past the house he'd rush out to say hello. I'd be promising to send him a postcard from Boston for years, and I never did. Mickey died a few years ago, he'll be missed and I wish I'd sent him that postcard ... :(

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


FG says campaign for a NW Rail link:

Georgie Best's son in Donegal:

19 year from Burnfoot in Donegal killed in Derry, 2 men accused:

Bus driver attacked on the Diamond:

Keeney Construction, whom plan to develop a shopping center at the site of Mcgee's factory make £1,401 profit in 2006:

Some nice pics of the Northern part of the County:

Friday, August 03, 2007


Donegal man involved in US bridge collapse rescue
A Donegal man is involved in a massive rescue operation in the United States after a bridge collapsed in the Mississippi river, killing at least nine people. Rathmullan native Peter Friel was at the scene and has been helping in the rescue operation.

Walking holidays are attracting more people:

Feckin' eejits throw rocks at tourists bus:
In the North, a group of tourists tracing their family roots say an attack on their bus has not wrecked their holidays. A window was broken when a block was thrown at the bus on the Strabane bypass in Co. Tyrone on Wednesday. No-one was injured ... The group on the bus from Canada, the US and Australia had just visited a family grave in Lifford, County Donegal.