Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Co. Donegal may get a sexual assualt treatment center in Letterkenny:

Fight, Fight! Fights on the Diamond over the weekend, Gardi have to get backup from Ballyshannon:
A fracas involving up to 15 men from the Donegal Town and Mountcharles areas took up to 30 minutes to bring under control in the early hours of Sunday morning. One man is believed to have sustained minor injuries and required a number of stitches.

Hmm, men or (underage) drunken boys?

Just found this site, about promoting sport in Donegal:

And did ye know that there are Golden Eagles back in Donegal, and the 1st chick in a century was born and is getting ready to start to fly:
"It is a sheer joy to be able to watch an Irish-bred Golden Eagle hatch, grow and fledge - it is another significant addition to Ireland." The involvement of the hill farmers and Donegal IFA were significant ingredients of the project's success to date.

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