Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Funding for litter problems:

And street cleaning in Ballyshannon is done by one lad!

Penalty points:

Leitrum Shooting:

Donegal and social inclusion programme:

Letterkenny is planning to get big:
We need to have a clear picture of how Letterkenny is going to develop as a city and start planning for a population of over 50,000 with places such as Churchill, Drumkeen and Kilmacrennan as suburbs of the town," he said.

About time someone thought about planning, Letterkenny has an abundance of shops but it seems to me as the planning has been near non-existant exceptfor the desire for growth. It's sprawled so much that you'd have a hard time walking from end of the town to another, and that housing estates are springing up whereever they can be build as opposed to where they could better fit in with the existing town layout.

A friend lives in Letterkenny and lives is a nice house in a housing estate overlooking town with great views. But, if you want to go for a drink at the weekend you can't drive home, if you walk you could knocked down cause the road is busy with fast speeding traffic and has no footpath, nor streetlighting, and you can't find a taxi!

What's going to happen when we have a lot of seniors who can't drive living on housing estates miles from the shops, or if and when petrol prices goes up?

Prisoner absconds from Ballyshannon courthouse:
Fecking eejit!

And the people of the town of Muff are annoyed at an advertising campaing of a British Airline:

Found this blog where someone likes the Blueberry:
Always good grub there, and Brian is a sound lad.

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