Saturday, July 21, 2007


Funding for groups that work with people with disabilities:
Funding of more than a quarter of a million euro has today been granted to organisations in Donegal South West which provide services to people with disabilities.

Dogs attack and kill seals and sheep:
It's emerged that a number of seals have been killed by dogs on the shore of Donegal Bay. In what's being seen as a related incident, a number of sheep in a nearby field have also been attacked by the dogs.

More details and it looks like the dogs responsible were found and captured:
Fourteen seals have been killed in Donegal bay with several sheep also having been attacked and killed by dogs in Donegal Town.

Two dogs have been now been put down following the recent incidents which are being described by animal welfare groups as a desperate tragedy.

Chairperson of the Donegal county animal welfare group, Kathleen Murray, has said the seal herd in question was a particularly valuable one because of it's breeding ability.

She said that aggressive dogs which set out to kill are a very dangerous proposition.

Holy crap, can you believe this lad!
A Donegal town native who admitted a string of crimes, including dugs-dealing and speeding at 175 km/h in a 100 km/h zone, has been jailed for 14 months.

He was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday, July 18, when drunk in charge of a car in Pearse Rd, Letterkenny, and appeared a few hours later on all 15 charges in Donegal town

He also pleaded guilty to causing €5,700 worth of damage to an ATM machine at the Ulster Bank in Glencar shopping centre, Letterkenny, breaches of the peace, drunkenness and dangerous driving.

Garda Inspector Ernie White told the court that in January last year Callaghan was detected by a speed-gun when driving dangerously at night at 175 km/h – 109 miles per hour – in Lettereknny.

When the car was stopped a large quantity of cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis was found in it.

Two months later he was spotted driving from The North into Pettigo. When he was later stopped at Laghey there was an ounce of cannabis worth €300 concealed in the steering wheel.

Not too smart?

But, then there is this:
He had made strident efforts to try to rehabilitate himself and, while accepting his wrongdoing, there had not been an issue with drugs for a year.

The judge recommended that Callaghan be given medical treatment and counselling for drugs and alcohol abuse while serving his time in St Patrick’s Institution for young offenders.

I hope he does, cause otherwise it sounds like he'll end up causing even worse trouble, or in worse trouble or dead.

Let's end with a happy story. :)

Donegal Actor may be doing Elmo's voice for TNG's Irish version of Sesame Street or Sraid Sesame:

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