Thursday, July 12, 2007

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Woman falls into the River Eske and dies:
This is so sad:

... She raised the alarm after seeing Margaret Doran, also known as Margaret McMenamin, fall into the River Eske.

It was just after 9am, and there was “nobody else about”. “She was sitting there having a smoke,” and “got up and lay flat out on the wall, then rolled over.” She first fell on a bank of grass at the edge of the river and then rolled again, into the water. ...

Donegal teen in American for first of many operations that will create a chin for him is to return home:

Donegal Garda reserve:

Number of Croncrakes down:

197 new business in Donegal so far this year:

Blair invited to Ballyshannon, where his Mum is from:

Campaign launched to attract Donegal people from overseas:

Letterkenny firm develops reneweable energy source

Council to increase the size of the Lough Mourne reservoir at Barnes:

5 year old chess prodigy from Killea:

Nice article about Americans who live in Donegal:

And this quote particularly interested me:

Pamela now feels like an intricate member of the local community and thinks that Donegal is being steadily Americanised. She fears that it will mirror the American trend whereby the main street area in Letterkenny will suffer at the hands of major stores.

"My fear is that it will wipe out some of those small businesses on the main street. And that's sad because in America we used to have downtown and main streets just like that and they're all boarded up now, ..."

I've seen that over here too in smaller towns and cities that get their equilivant of a by-pass and all the businesses move out of town and ye end up with these huge complexes with acres of parking and they're too far to walk to, and their too far from each other for people to walk from one to another. Another reason why we're all getting so fat!

... that's the ghetto. It turned into a horrible place where crime is."

Hmmm, ghetto sounds a bit like an oversimplification or middle-class folk scared of the city center. But, I guess something similar could happen to bigger towns in Ireland too? What do you think?

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