Thursday, June 28, 2007


I'm back! Had a great but busy 2 weeks at home, got to see a lot of people, and didn't get to see some. Ended up in Galway twice, and drove up and down to Shannon twice! Weather was fantastic me last week at home, got to see most of the family, swill some beer, get a tan/sunburn, and see Slieve League:

Slieve League

Ok so here's some brief news that occured over the last couple of weeks:

Donegal International Rally News
Well done Packie Bonner!

IDA Highlights Job Losses.
300 new jobs in Derry.

Bogus Tradesmen.
Rape at Rory Gallagher Festival. Victim had to be taken to Castlebar where the nearest available Sex Crime examier was.

Mega Tourism Promotion.
Blue Flag Beaches!

About Town:
Drumcliff residents end standoff over noise at the Abbey at night.
Buses clogging the Diamond!
Liberian resident grateful of Irish support in UN mission in Libera.

About the County:
Trawler catches fire, crew safe.
Wildcat spotted!
Letterkenny teen begins series of operations to give him a chin.
This is the only story I'll comment on, this lad was born without a chin, read the links above to find out what a brave lad his. Please donate to help pay for his medical bills.

Details as from RTE's website:
Letterkenny boy undergoing landmark surgery
Telephone: 074-9168445
Donations: The Friends of Alan Doherty, AIB Bank, account number 15038040, sort code 937345

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