Thursday, May 03, 2007


Is Donegal's water supply at risk to cryptospiridium (which has affected Galway City's water supply)?
The Green Party Candidate for Donegal North East Frank Gallagher is expressing concern at reports that some water supplies in Donegal are at risk from cryptospiridium.

EPA figures show 47 individual water sources across the country to be at 'very high risk', with the highest number of these sources in Galway, Donegal and Longford ...

Donegal County Council is stressing that while some areas have been determined to be at risk, no cryptospiridium has been found, and some of the high risk areas have either been shut down or improved.

Meanwhile, County Chemist Donal Casey is taking exception to reports describing Donegal as an "offending" county, saying the council had complied with a request from the EPA to do a risk assessment in 2005, and is working to address the issues which arose as a result of that assessment.

And some more information about water supply in Donegal:
The Envirnomental Protection Agency is expresing concern about waste water management in Ireland.

A new report on urban waste water discharges in 2004 and 2005 has found that up to 18 percent of all waste water in this country wasn't treated properly, with one of the worst problems found in Killybegs.

With reference to Donegal, the report finds that required secondary treatment was not provided at six locations by the end of 2005, they were Ballyshannon, Donegal Town, Dungloe, Falcarragh, Killybegs and Moville.


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