Saturday, May 12, 2007


Ralley for Development in Donegal Town to happen on Sunday, May 12th:

The mayor of Donegal Town says he's confident that a large crowd will attend a rally on Sunday to demonstrate their support for development in the area. ... Donegal County Council had given approval for a two storey shopping centre, 52 apartments, a cinema, office space and more than 500 carparking spaces at the Main Street carpark to developer Michael Kelly in recent weeks. Keeney construction claims that the development could cause traffic congestion. ... the rally hasn't been organised to tarnish anyone's name but is being supported by people from all across South West Donegal who want development in the area.

Meanwhile Ballyshannon pushes for a business park:
Calls for the establishment of a business park on the outskirts of Ballyshannon to assist small enterprises have today been voiced by a local town councillor.

Who wants to take bets that Ballyshannon will have a business park before Donegal Town gets something?

Green party support rail link between Sligo-Donegal Town-Derry:
The Green Party is backing ambitious proposals to build a railway line from Sligo through Donegal to Derry.

Details of the proposals were unveiled at a public meeting in Donegal Town last night by the rail transport researcher Brian Guckian. He's proposing that the system be constructed in three parts, from Sligo to Donegal Town, Donegal Town on to Letterkenny and from Letterkenny to Derry at an estimated cost of 750million euro. ... That figure could be dramatically reduced if the track is laid along the original railway network in Donegal. Frank Gallagher is the Green party's election candidate in Donegal North East. He says his party is already seriously considering the proposals.

It would be good to have trains running through the gap again, but even running it on the old line (where it still exists) it would be some cost. And would fare collections cover it the costs to build and run it? It's just too bad that the old train line were scrapped. Also, from what I know the land the lines ran on were given to the County Council, who then proceeded to either sell it or give it to whomever owned land around the line, talk about short sighted ...

Ruston Engine at Donegal Town railway museum Ireland

Thanks to Pitmatic for the pic of the auld Donegal train engine that now rests in Fintown.

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