Sunday, April 01, 2007


Mary Coughlan to join The Labour Party:

Plans for Donegal Town Aerodrome, with a dual-carriageway for pilgrims to Lough Derg:

Barnes Gap to become the North West's premier ski resort:

Break-off group from Fianna Fail to become the New Improved Independent Independent Fianna Fail:

Group demands nude surfing section for Rossnowlagh Beach:
Claims it's the Council's responibiilty to remove all the really sharp stones.

Lough Eske to become backup reservoir for Galway city:
Galway Council Counsellors claim Donegal sheep's urine is cleaner that Galway sheep's.

Government thinks Donegal is in Northern Ireland and provides grants for peace:
Fine Gale responds by saying they'll provide funds to rename West Donegal An Daingean 2: Revenge of the Gaeltacht.


Mick T. said...

Tis a joke!

Happy April 1st!

Jeannie said...

Ya cheeky git ya...I knew you wouldn't let April 1st pass by without enjoying some jokes. Nice wan ;D