Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tesco for Sligo

New 4 story building will have a Tesco, and local retailers are worried:

TESCO has been given the green light to construct a four-storey building on O'Connell Street in Sligo incorporating a major new supermarket and a number of residential units. An Bord Pleanála rejected objections from local traders in the adjacent arcade area to the proposed development which will necessitate the partial demolition of an existing supermarket and will include 11 two-bed apartments.

... the tenants' association claimed "adequate safeguards were not in place to ensure small businesses could continue to operate during the construction phase". It stressed the importance of "avoiding disruption to the vitality, viability and operation of existing retail operators" and noted that "the city plan acknowledges the importance of small town-centre retailers".

So will Tesco bring more business to Sligo and help all the businesses in the town or will it compete with them? One good thing, it sounds like it is at least in the center of town.

What do you think?

Couldn't find any decent pics of Sligo, so here's one of Errigal instead! :)
Errigal Winter.
Thanks to Liam M. on Flickr for the pic


Anonymous said...

I love this mountain the majestic Errigal, great photo. Have been to the peak, amazing views. It appears to be pointed but it's as if someone took a shallow bite out of it, leaving two little points about 10 meters apart. It's a fun climb, & the decent should be covered by extreme, sports as a must do.The blogg is really great, lovin it ! Thanks Pol

Mick T. said...

Thanks to Liam M. for the great pic!