Saturday, March 24, 2007


Donegal & Wind Power:
Cllr Harte emphasised: "We definitely need more clarity with regard to wind farms. We need to point people in the right direction and have designated guidelines so that they are not going through the whole planning process which is costly and time consuming only be to turned down at the end of it."

One of the most important things which needs to be taken into consideration is that these wind farms need to be looked at, not just as structures, but as a positive contribution to creating renewable energy for the future of the planet."

Nicely said Cllr Harte.

More info here:

And here a pic I tool last September when I went hiking above Lough Eske:
Bluestack Wind-turbines

And from the same place, "Rogue developers get another warning"
Mr McLoone was speaking at Monday night's Town Council meeting in Letterkenny where four motions were tabled concerning planning problems around the town. There were claims from councillors that some developers "had the belief that they could do what they wanted and get away with it".
A number of residents from the Carolina Park area of Letterkenny attended the meeting to highlight their dispute with a local developer who has built an illegal road beside the estate , leading to flooding and damage to gardens. It emerged that an enforcement notice was issued by the council against the developer 14 months ago and he had still failed to comply with the terms of that Notice.
"We're trying to recruit planners and administrative staff to ensure all legal matters are followed up. However, the message has to go out loud and clear that we are absolutely focused on active enforcement. People who don't comply will suffer the full force of the law and the sooner the better," he said.

Government devolution will help Donegal:
The Minister for Finance says that areas like Donegal will benefit most if devolution in the North takes place on Monday as he expects. ... Speaking to Highland Radio News Minister Cowen says if sense prevails the northwest will soon benefit from his governments historic announcement of investment north of the border.

It just shows how Governments up in Dublin value "remote" areas like Donegal. Is the only reason Donegal is getting "benefits" is because of our proximity to the North? And if the North doesn't get it's act together Donegal suffers? Now, think about that, they're acting like Donegal is part of Northern Ireland!

I remember one time on the bus down from Dublin this wan sat down beside me at Navan and when she heard I was from Donegal said "Isn't that in the North?" No I said, it's in the Republic. Then looking at me like I was an idiot she asked me another 4 times before she got off in Cavan! I think half the folk in Ireland think we're all Northies, let's change the name back to Tirconaill and then see what happens! ;)

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