Friday, March 16, 2007


Rally for the Paddys in Amerika:
Support the illegal Irish in America.

The Tech pilots new efficient wood burning boiler:
A new wood fuel boiler which is being piloted in the Abbey Vocational School in Donegal Town could cut heating bills there by up to 50%. The €100,000 project which was officially launched last Friday, was backed by Donegal Local Development Company and forestry firm, Greenbelt.

Primary Schools overcrowded:
More than 80% of primary schools in Donegal have a greater pupil/teacher ratio than that promised by the government according to the General Secretary of the INTO. John Carr was speaking ahead of a public meeting being held in Donegal Town this evening to discuss class sizes in the south of the county.

Yet the country is awash in money and huge tax revenue. If the hinterland like Donegal can't get decent funding in these wealthy times what's going to happen in the next recession?

Farmers advised on insurance & environmental issues:
Hundreds of Donegal farmers could be at risk of leaving themselves open for possible insurance claims as a direct result of the government backed Farm Waste Management Scheme. Over 3,100 farmers will get grant aid towards making their farms more environmentally friendly, but they have been warned to make sure that contractors doing the work are covered by insurance.

Suspicion death in
GardaĆ­ in west Donegal are investigating the death of a man whose body was found behind a holiday home about 1.5km from Ranafast. The body was found by workmen working at the holiday home. The man is believed to be in his mid-60s.

Is it me or does there really seem to be more crime and serious violence?

Our wee Daniel is a wile nice wee fella:
Daniel O'Donnell made it clear today that he will never leave the Donegal shore he is always singing about ... rumors ... were sparked after he sold his palatial home, built on a headland overlooking the Atlantic a few years ago ...

"The reason I sold up in the first place is because that dream bungalow, beautiful as it is, was simply too big for the two of us, especially as Majella's two children Siobhan and Michael are both away at university and school," he said.

"What we want is a smaller place to come home to which will be easier looked after."

Plus methinks a lot of these new BIG homes seem very sterile and not homely at all.

And a couple of pics of Lough Eske sent to us from James Lawne whose living in London these day.
Lough Eske Lough Eske
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