Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Some auld pics from 1987's Parade!

These are photographs of a video-tape that Gordon Simms took.

Last summer when I was home me Uncle James & Aunty Isabel showed me a few videotapes that Gordon had given them before he passed away. Gordon used to be out with his video-camera taping all the events about town including the old No-Name Club. Thanks Gordon, I always thought you were so cool when I was a wee'un! And I hope some folk will get some enjoyment from these pics of your tapes.

Lizzy who's pictured above, recently graduated with a Fine Arts Degree from the College of Art & Design in Dun Laoghire (pic below taken from last summer's Donegal Times!). Congradulations Lizzy, hope you like the pics! ;)

If anyone has pictures of the parade and you'd like me to post them let me know. See comments on this post for my e-mail address.


Mick T. said...

If you've pics of the parade you'd like me to post (or any pics) e-mail me at:

mick.timony AT gmail DOT com

Mick T. said...

Some pics of the Buncrana parade here:

Anyone I talked to at home said it was wet day and they didn't go see the parade!