Thursday, February 15, 2007


Recognise the shop?
Clar Shop
Thanks to Pitmatic on flickr for the pic!

Tis the wee one out past Clar, used to stop there for a mint choc-ice when I used to cycle out to me cousins out by Lough Eske. Anyone know is it still open?

Government to help boost employment in Donegal:
Junior Minister Michael Ahern has told the Dail that the government remains focussed on boosting employment opportunities in South Donegal in the wake of last year's redundancies.

Be prepared for a wait, anything they do will take time to attract businesses. A good road to the east would help business transport goods to where the mass of the population is. But they'll probably make one that goes through some national heritage site!

RTE were in Donegal filiming the forestrys:
Top RTE environmentalist Duncan Stewart was in Donegal this week to film an item about forestry for the television series Eco-Eye.

He spend a day filming with John Jackson, the Donegal-based national chairman of the Irish Farmers' Association's Foresty Committee.

Speaking about forests anyone seen the forest (or what's left of it) out by Lough Eske just past the turn-off for Harveys? They cut most of the trees and does it look awful, you'd think they try & at least keep a wee bit by the road so it wouldn't look so bad. But, as all the foresty's were sold off the government nor the foresty dept probably don't have any control over the cutting.

Eat more Lamb! Lamb comsumption is down and it could affect Donegal Farmers:
A leading figure in the Irish Farmers' Association has expressed concern about the decline in the consumption of lamb across the European Union.

And this could have major reprecussions for the sheep industry in Donegal.

Chemists not making money from the medical card scheme?
Donegal has the highest percentage of medical card holders in Ireland with 68,000 patients being served by 41 pharmacies. The IPU has alleged that the community drug scheme is run at a loss to it's members.

Donegal town pharmacist and IPU member, Joe Britton said if a new contract isn't agreed with the HSE, some businesses will be forced to close.


Anonymous said...

The wee shop on the Clar Road which is on Donegal Friends has unfortunately closed, I think it was around Christmas 06.


Anonymous said...

No more mint choc-ices on hot summer's days.