Tuesday, February 06, 2007


For feck's sake, ye couldn't make this stuff up:
A 75-year-old Donegal grandfather who paid his three granddaughters "significant sums of money" to have sex with him on a regular basis has been jailed for five years by Mr Justice Paul Carney.

Patrick Murray (aged 75) told the then young girls that sexual intercourse "was good for his health". He was using viagra during the years he had sex with the victims.

Drugs, drunk driving, & DVD's:
Gardai in south Donegal made a total of five seperate suspected cannabis seizures over the weekend. Three different vehicles were searched ... our arrested were made for drink driving in Bundoran, Ballyshannon and Ballintra over the weekend ... seizure of counterfeit DVD's and CD's from the Sunday morning carboot sale in Ballyshannon yesterday ... The theft of a handbag which contained more than 400 euro in cash from an amusement arcade in Bundoran last Friday is also being investigated.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

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