Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More News!

Riverdance for Letterkenny:

The worldwide hit show Riverdance will be performed in Co. Donegal on Thursday and Friday, May 24th and 25th to mark the official opening of a new €18million sports and leisure complex in Letterkenny. Proceeds will go towards the purchase of a new "Dexa" scanning facility at the oncology unit in Letterkenny General Hospital.

The event is being organised by former Mary from Dungloe festival director, Pat Gallagher, who said: "I am delighted that Moya Doherty has given me the opportunity to bring Riverdance home to Co. Donegal."

Fined for throwing Bog-roll on the field!
Not really bog-roll but it sounds better:

A Ballyshannon student has been bound to the peace and fined £100 for throwing paper streamers onto Old Trafford during an FA Cup match last month ... appeared in Manchester 's Trafford Magistrates Court yesterday for throwing paper streamers onto Old Trafford during the January 7th victory over Aston Villa.

I guess the police in England must have stamped out all the real football hooliganism if this is what they're concentrating on.

Extortion attempt in Eastern Donegal:
It was reported a phone call was made to a Donegal businessman claiming a member of his family was being held hostage. The caller demanded that a sum of money be left at particular location.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Thanks to Comhaltas on Flickr for the pics from the 2006 Letterkenny Fleadh.

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