Saturday, February 10, 2007

Don't drink the water!

The County Council is warning people not to the drink the water in Eastern Co. Donegal due to the bacteria count. They think maybe a dead animal got into one of the piple leading from Lough Mourne.

Water supplies have been affected in part of the area serviced by the Lough Mourne Water Supply by what Donegal County Council is terming a bacterial contamination, believed to have been caused by a dead animal in the pipe network. The Council says consumers serviced by the Lough Mourne supply in Convoy, Drumkeen, Raphoe, Ballyholey and White Cross should not drink the water, use it for preparing food or brushing teeth. The water is safe to use for flushing and washing.

Lough Mourne is the Lake on the right-hand side on the other side of Barnes Gap when your going from Donegal Town to Ballybofey.

Funnily enough I came across this pic last week that Dingbat on Flickr posted, he says it's Lough Moran but I think it's the same lake.

On the ordnance survey map I have it's named Lough Mourne too?

Lough Mourne/Moran
Map is probably copyrighted by the Irish Ordnance Survery

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