Monday, February 26, 2007

Kool and the Gang

Zack, Paula, Peter, Michael, & Murph. 1984?

Sunday, February 25, 2007


More funds for the Donegal Town sewer scheme:
Approval has been given for a €1.35million addition to be made to the Donegal Town sewerage scheme. The scheme will now be extended to include Brookfield on the Old Laghey Road as part of a Serviced Land Initiative.
A sad View
Thanks to Val on flickr for the pic.

Anyone know when the sewer scheme will be finished?

Free travel scheme extended to cover the North:
More than 17,000 pensioners in Donegal will be able to avail of a new All-Ireland free travel scheme from April next. Those over 66 years of age will be able to travel free of charge on all buses and trains in Northern Ireland.

Car sales up in Jan:
The figures for Donegal show 682 private cars, 140 goods vehicles and 38 motorbikes were licensed last month

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Big Wave..surfing.. Ireland's west coast..

Well now that I'm on a "Roll".. the second entry, relating to surfing by Gavin Gallagher of Dreamcatcher.Productions..titled "and then the wind died"..just excellent! No more, I promise !

Big Wave

Sit Back n' Chill.. this is "Wicked"..

Ireland is one of the worlds top surf spots.. we may never have imagined Ireland as a surfing nation, yet Ireland is recognized internationally as hosting some of the best waves in the world. This video by Ronnie Quinlan just pressed all the right buttons, I loved the footage & the background music, "so much so"..I have shared it with you.. so sit back, and chill, I think you will enjoy! This was Filmed of the west coast of Ireland, off the Cliffs of Moher.. Thanks to Ronnie Quinlan

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Gaints Causeway

This is the famous Giants Causeway in Co. Antrim, a beautiful location designed by mother nature. It has been used in this case, as a backdrop for Led Zepplins Album cover..."Houses of the Holy," among many other things. I was meant to post this some time ago... but it had slipped my mind.
Photo below is courtesy of the artistic eye of Morgan Ferriter whom is renowned for his beautiful art works. You can check his site for yourself at;

The Band!

Zack Gallagher, Laura Thomas, & Shane Gallagher! I think this was in the Old Castle Bar, around 1985?

Picture courtsey of Sean Brennan. I've a few more good wans to post too, send me large cheques and I mightn't. ;)


Recognise the shop?
Clar Shop
Thanks to Pitmatic on flickr for the pic!

Tis the wee one out past Clar, used to stop there for a mint choc-ice when I used to cycle out to me cousins out by Lough Eske. Anyone know is it still open?

Government to help boost employment in Donegal:
Junior Minister Michael Ahern has told the Dail that the government remains focussed on boosting employment opportunities in South Donegal in the wake of last year's redundancies.

Be prepared for a wait, anything they do will take time to attract businesses. A good road to the east would help business transport goods to where the mass of the population is. But they'll probably make one that goes through some national heritage site!

RTE were in Donegal filiming the forestrys:
Top RTE environmentalist Duncan Stewart was in Donegal this week to film an item about forestry for the television series Eco-Eye.

He spend a day filming with John Jackson, the Donegal-based national chairman of the Irish Farmers' Association's Foresty Committee.

Speaking about forests anyone seen the forest (or what's left of it) out by Lough Eske just past the turn-off for Harveys? They cut most of the trees and does it look awful, you'd think they try & at least keep a wee bit by the road so it wouldn't look so bad. But, as all the foresty's were sold off the government nor the foresty dept probably don't have any control over the cutting.

Eat more Lamb! Lamb comsumption is down and it could affect Donegal Farmers:
A leading figure in the Irish Farmers' Association has expressed concern about the decline in the consumption of lamb across the European Union.

And this could have major reprecussions for the sheep industry in Donegal.

Chemists not making money from the medical card scheme?
Donegal has the highest percentage of medical card holders in Ireland with 68,000 patients being served by 41 pharmacies. The IPU has alleged that the community drug scheme is run at a loss to it's members.

Donegal town pharmacist and IPU member, Joe Britton said if a new contract isn't agreed with the HSE, some businesses will be forced to close.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Some news!

An Bord Pleanala to be asked to explain planning decisions:

The chairman of An Bord Pleanala is to be invited to Donegal to justify and explain a recent decision to refuse planning permission for a major retail development in Donegal Town.

Tabling the motion in Lifford, yesterday, Clr Sean McEniff said the overturning of planning permission on numerous developments in Donegal by the Board was costing the county much needed employment.

Employment is needed, but, and this is a big but, it's gotta be part of developments that are sustainable and won't be regretted in 5, 10, or 20 years.

Clr McEniff said that An Bord Pleanala is going against the wishes of Donegal county council and the county development plan and is damaging smaller urban centres.

What? The Donegal County Council seems to do what it wants and ignores its own planners! It seems to make decisions for short-term gain and not consider the long term consequences. If it wasn't for the Government and bodies like An Bord P. the county would be awash in even more friggin' holiday homes! And I'll be more than happy to be proved wrong!

Also, interesting discussion about Holiday Home blight here:

Development plans for Derrybeg:
Donegal County Council has agreed to part fund an new 8 million euro development which will see the construction of a Library, Creche and Cinema on the Derrybeg industrial estate.

Aye, I know Derrybeg isn't that close, but a 8 million development is pretty substantial! But, is a Cinema needed? Does anyone still go to the cinema? How many of you do drive up to Letterkenny to the cineplex or to the Cinema in Ballyshannon? I'm just thinking that Cinemas might be a bit of a thing of the past, and maybe what people, or least young un's might be better off with a decent and cheap internet access? I do like going to a nice Cinema, but it seems these days I do that about once or twice a year.

What do you think? Come on comments please! :)

Also, some interesting pics here of Lough Eske Castle:
Taken by Pitmatic on Flickr.

The castle is going to become a new luxury hotel, I think Lough Eske really needs another luxury hotel. Too bad, that Harvey's didn't originally build at the castle. But, I'll be interested to see how it turns out, and if the wee roads out there will handle the traffic?

Also, didn't the gun club used have land or go shooting down at the Church of Ireland end? I wonder if they'll be hunting yuppie out there in a year or two. ;)

Remember Valentines Day....

Just a reminder to all you Guys & Gals....

It's Time For Love......

Monday, February 12, 2007

Shunoodles... Donegal Bay..

Click on the Photo to go to her web album

Photo Sinead Gogarty

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Don't drink the water!

The County Council is warning people not to the drink the water in Eastern Co. Donegal due to the bacteria count. They think maybe a dead animal got into one of the piple leading from Lough Mourne.

Water supplies have been affected in part of the area serviced by the Lough Mourne Water Supply by what Donegal County Council is terming a bacterial contamination, believed to have been caused by a dead animal in the pipe network. The Council says consumers serviced by the Lough Mourne supply in Convoy, Drumkeen, Raphoe, Ballyholey and White Cross should not drink the water, use it for preparing food or brushing teeth. The water is safe to use for flushing and washing.

Lough Mourne is the Lake on the right-hand side on the other side of Barnes Gap when your going from Donegal Town to Ballybofey.

Funnily enough I came across this pic last week that Dingbat on Flickr posted, he says it's Lough Moran but I think it's the same lake.

On the ordnance survey map I have it's named Lough Mourne too?

Lough Mourne/Moran
Map is probably copyrighted by the Irish Ordnance Survery

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bad fire in Inver

An elderly man has died after an overnight fire at his home in Co Donegal.

The blaze broke out near the near the town of Inver some time before 9pm last night.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More News!

Riverdance for Letterkenny:

The worldwide hit show Riverdance will be performed in Co. Donegal on Thursday and Friday, May 24th and 25th to mark the official opening of a new €18million sports and leisure complex in Letterkenny. Proceeds will go towards the purchase of a new "Dexa" scanning facility at the oncology unit in Letterkenny General Hospital.

The event is being organised by former Mary from Dungloe festival director, Pat Gallagher, who said: "I am delighted that Moya Doherty has given me the opportunity to bring Riverdance home to Co. Donegal."

Fined for throwing Bog-roll on the field!
Not really bog-roll but it sounds better:

A Ballyshannon student has been bound to the peace and fined £100 for throwing paper streamers onto Old Trafford during an FA Cup match last month ... appeared in Manchester 's Trafford Magistrates Court yesterday for throwing paper streamers onto Old Trafford during the January 7th victory over Aston Villa.

I guess the police in England must have stamped out all the real football hooliganism if this is what they're concentrating on.

Extortion attempt in Eastern Donegal:
It was reported a phone call was made to a Donegal businessman claiming a member of his family was being held hostage. The caller demanded that a sum of money be left at particular location.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Thanks to Comhaltas on Flickr for the pics from the 2006 Letterkenny Fleadh.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


For feck's sake, ye couldn't make this stuff up:
A 75-year-old Donegal grandfather who paid his three granddaughters "significant sums of money" to have sex with him on a regular basis has been jailed for five years by Mr Justice Paul Carney.

Patrick Murray (aged 75) told the then young girls that sexual intercourse "was good for his health". He was using viagra during the years he had sex with the victims.

Drugs, drunk driving, & DVD's:
Gardai in south Donegal made a total of five seperate suspected cannabis seizures over the weekend. Three different vehicles were searched ... our arrested were made for drink driving in Bundoran, Ballyshannon and Ballintra over the weekend ... seizure of counterfeit DVD's and CD's from the Sunday morning carboot sale in Ballyshannon yesterday ... The theft of a handbag which contained more than 400 euro in cash from an amusement arcade in Bundoran last Friday is also being investigated.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Thanks to Leppe on Flickr for the pic.