Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pubs did well over XMas

Yipee, the pub's demise is on the wane:
Pubs in Donegal reported a steady level of trade over the festive period in spite of some predictions that the industry was set for a major slump at Christmas.

Thanks to Val for some great Donegal Pub photographs:

The Forge, formally Mc Brearty's, Bridge End Bar The Old Castle Bar


Anonymous said...

Great pubs The Forge & The Olde Castle bar. Have recently had a pint or five in the Forge ran by Joe & Caroline Sweeney,its a credit to them both a cosy warm friendly relaxing enviorment, which always serves a great pint.Used to be "Eileens" The Castle also good for the pints and a great place to meet with friends.
Great Pics Val keep em commin

Mick T. said...

Pic of The Forge in the old days:

If you go into the Forge he has the auld sign, that was out front over the front door, up over the bar.