Thursday, January 11, 2007


New judge appointed to Co. Donegal:
Remember all the barristers & solicitors were complaing that Donegal was underserved with only one Judge? Well they finally appointed another Judge for the county:

The appointment of a new District Court Judge for Donegal was confirmed last night with the news that Judge Desmond A. Zaidan (right) has been assigned to this county ... Having received his early education in Lebanon and Sierra Leone, he came to Ireland where he attended Rockwell College, Co. Tipperary and Trinity College. He was called to the Bar in Ireland in July 1990 and took the call to the Bar in Sierra Leone in August, 1992.

Let's hope Donegal doesn't scare him off! ;)

Pictures of a class reunion will be posted soon! Can U guess which year? ;)

Donegal Senator concerned about County plan:
Donegal Senator Joe McHugh has claimed the new county development plan could lead to the depopulation of rural areas of the county while putting extra pressure on the infrastructure of urban areas.

Congradulations to Cora Clark on getting married, see a pic of her and her Dad Dermot here:
Her Mum & Dad own the Old Castle bar


Mick T. said...

Got loads of pics from Siobhan & Emmet. Going to be a while to get the blog posting formatted. Anyone want an early preview?

Mick T. said...

All the pics are here: