Saturday, January 06, 2007


Jesus fecking Christ (excuse me language):
Five Donegal men have been charged at Ballyshannon District Court with sexually assaulting an under-age girl on various dates in 2003.

One man is charged with eight offences; another man with six offences; two men face two charges; and one man is charged with one offence.

If true this is just bloody awful.

More people are recycling:
25% of waste produced in Donegal is presently being recycled with optimism expressed that this figure is set to increase with improved services.

Interesting Blog posting about the Council's plans for a dump near Glenveagh Park:

The document's publication has prompted opponents of the landfill to call on Donegal County Council to "come clean" on the issue and to "stop trying to bully An Bord Pleanála". The county council identified the proposed regional landfill on a 14.5 hectare site at Meenaboll, west of Letterkenny, over four years ago. Under its regional waste management plan, the new site would take 24,000 tonnes of municipal waste over 20 years. The site is an upland area bordering on a special area of conservation, and within sight of Errigal mountain and Glenveagh. Objectors, including An Taisce and the Meenaboll Environmental Protection Group, said the leachate from the landfill could pollute Gartan Lake near Church Hill, which provides the public water supply to Letterkenny. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted the project a waste management licence but An Bord Pleanála turned down the planning application in January 2006.

Of course putting a dump near a national park is a great idea, sure only those pesky tourists use the park anyway , and who cares about the lake only those feckin' watersports men use it ... now seriously whose idea is this and why do they think it's a good idea?

"Mini" Black Hole in Donegal in the 1890's?,,2091-2534685,00.html
WHEN a globe of fire tore up a 100m trench on a peat bog in Donegal in 1868, it created a mystery that has defied scientific explanation ever since. But now one of America’s leading physicists thinks he may have the answer: the fireball was powered by a “mini black hole”.

Errigal & Dunlewey Church

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