Saturday, January 13, 2007

Class Reunion: AVS Class of 1981-86!

Update: You can a zip file with all these pics here: . I've also removed the red-eye from the pics in the zip file.

Some great pics from Paul Thomas & Emmet McCauley, via Siobhan Coughlan. Looks like ye all had a wile night's craic.

Hold your mouse over each pic for the caption, click on a pic to see full-size.
You must remember this?Emmet & the LadiesCathleen & her Husband Classmates & CousinsDamien Launches the 'Free Dom' Campaign
Bumped into Damien when I was home in 2006, and he a few weeks away from getting married. So here's raising a glass back at ya Damien, congradulations.
Still the Diva after all those years ...A Quiet Moment From Seamus & CiatrionaBernie- enjoying being a student again!
Yoo Hoo! Ye's are all dancing machines!
Don't look so surprised Shane & KathleenGirls aloud - OUT!Elaine Muldoon & Steve Staunton Come on Martina, say cheeeeseM&M3 lovely ladies
How come none of these lovely ladies were in my year!
Dorathy trying to coax the hubby to go head to head with Seamus on the dance floorIt's smiles all round for Michael & RosseenSweeney Todd the Barber, AKA James Lawne
James was great as Sweeny Todd! And this reminds me, I've come across some really bad pics from the No-Name Club, anyone remember that? It was Student's vs Teachers! Anyone want to see them?
Noreen & PaulSmoking or non-Smoking?Noreen with Farah Fawsett
Noreen, you social butterfly! ;)
Danny, Bridin, & PaulTreacy, Eina, Marie, Martina & Angela

Looks like you were all having a good time!

Always time for a pint lads! ;)

A big hand for all those involved in organising the reunion.

Looks like ye all had a wile night's craic. At some point I'll zip up all the files and put them somewhere where you can download all the pics at once.

Apologies for wrong names or captions, please comment and I'll make corrections.


Razmondo said...

What a great selection of pics,great posting.Looks as if everyone had a great time. Thanks To all whom contributed the pics especially Siobhain Coughlan & Paul ??(sorry). A big thank you to Micheal Timony, who I lumbered with the task to get them up there. Well done all. Siobhan if you could just let us have all the names to the faces. Anyone who has pics or articles of Donegal & surrounding area, buildings, people,point of view landscapes...whatever... and if you feel they would be of interest..please send to or or better still get you login and start posting too.
regards & best wishes to all.

Mick T. said...

hee hee, U spelt me last name wrong! it's timony, so e-mail is: mick DOT timony AT gmail DOT com (written that way to avoid spam harvesters).

pshaneg said...

MIck Timony, ur a star. These are great. Sorry i've nothing to put up in return.. some other Gallagher might have all the pics of the past. Keep it alive, though. Happy New Year, Shane G