Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bad Weather: Update 2

Loads of bad weather over the New Year. I hope none of ye were caught out in it:


Storm force winds have continued batter the North West with gusts of more than 130 kilometers already recorded. A Number of roads across Donegal are virtually impassable as a result of fallen trees and power lines ... At the height of the storm this evening, Dec 31st, 20,000 homes were without power. Much of the county has had power restored, but there are several thousand homes in West Donegal which are likelt to remain without power until the morning.

Thanks to dingbat for a pic of the waves crashing over Creevy Pier:
Creevy Pier

Looks like the bad weather is tapering off, but winds up to 150km were recorded!

Update: Some high tide:

Donegal Town Storm Surge 1

Thanks to Pitmatic for the pic.


Anonymous said...

Have an wonderful New year Donegal Friends. The Blog is awesome, love the news links photos etc., great to get news from home. The weather was a wash out this year but it did not dampen the spirits of us guys , spent the holiday going between Killybegs and Donegal had a wicked time. Got a great deal on a remote cottage near fintra and partied through the night. It is recovery time now, "Detox". Hello Bruno, Mardi,Sarah,Ellie,Kirsten, luv u guys. Have forwarded u the link. See ya on da other side in may
Harvey & Penney

Mick T. said...

Great! :)

Mick T. said...

And some amazing pics here showing the force of the weather: