Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Sean!

A big auld Happy Birthday to Sean Brennan out in Amerika (front right with the cap & grin). :)

And a big hello to Barry, Peter (with cap) , Brian, Michael (with a big smile), Sean, and Colin McGlinn.

And I always wanted a spin on a Flood's crane on my birthday when I was a wee'un!

Birds Of A Feather...

Birds Of A Feather...

L/R Greg Gorman, Declan Rooney... Laghy, Donegal.

Reunited for the evening for to catch up on old times.. Greg, being the excellent chef had a rapturous reception ready for him.. it's hard to believe that Greg used to babysit young Declan.. I would say he would have a task in hand now putting him to bed ! Posted by Picasa

"Neptunes...Smooth- hound on the Big Blue"...

Congratulations! Rickardo....she has made the calm waters of Donegal Bay... "Bless Those Who Sail In Her"... So when is her christening?? (I can smell the wood burning in that 50 gallon drum... and taste the beer ...have visions of JB appearing through the smog, where once was mullinasole) So get the party organized then!
Excellent Photo courtesy of Zac Gallagher..nice one!
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Monday, January 29, 2007

Knock -> Boston/NYC

A British low cost airline is to start flights from Knock Airport to Boston & NYC:

There will be three flights a week to New York and two to Boston, originating in Liverpool and Glasgow and routing over Knock.

It's not Knock airport below, but our own Donegal Internation Airport at Carrickfinn, courtset of Niall Crotty on


Thursday, January 25, 2007


Campaign to raise sunken U-boat
A motion calling for a German U-Boat sunk off the coast of Malin Head to be raised will be introduced at this afternoon's meeting of Derry City Council.

Abbot's in Donegal not to be affect by changes in Abbot's Ireland:
It's been confirmed that Abbot Ireland's Donegal Town plant will not be affected by the sale of the company's two biggest Irish plants on Friday.

Donegal fella in film that's up for four Oscars!
Donegal teenager Andrew Simpson (17) and his co-stars have wowed critics internationally in the movie Notes on a Scandal, which is up for an impressive four Academy Awards next month.

More info about the film at imdb:

A nice winter pic of Murvagh bridge taken by Val on

Murvagh Bridge

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In Donegal It's Got Hot!..."Red Hot"...

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Forza Italia…..!!

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. However a hardy bunch of Italian girls have been braving the changeable conditions of the Irish climate in Donegal for the last three weeks and behaving very much as we do ourselves,, if not more so !

Visitors are welcome to Donegal any time of year, but it is especially nice to welcome people in the month of January, and the International Language School at Donegal Adventure Centre has been the home to this group of students from Assumption University of Rome since the start of the year.. The girls have come to Bundoran to study English Language, and immerse themselves in activities and local culture. including surfing, body boarding, climbing and hiking, as well as cultural trips to Yeats Country, Derry City, Donegal Castle and indeed , a few visits to the local pubs.

Donegal Adventure Centre has recently been fully approved as a language school, and manager Niamh Hamill is delighted with the response to date. ‘’ This novel method of teaching English through participative activities is creating it’s own market niche in the Educational/Tourism sector .It beats sitting in a classroom all day and by its nature is a team effort which necessitates using the English Language. Local businesses are extremely appreciative of this influx of people during a time of year when visitors are thin on the ground. ‘’
Niamh added' There are hundreds of students abroad looking for travel opportunities. Donegal is an ideal stop-off on a gap year break - we have superb educational and cultural facilities. Add that to our fantastic outdoor resources, friendly locals and stunning scenery, it is an irrisistible location. Donegal has to work twice as hard to bring in visitors from the overseas markets but those working in education, leisure and accommodation are very pro-active and forward thinking. We appreciate the support from our tourist boards and the investment in amenities and attractions,. However we need to continuously remind people that Donegal can offer visitors a superb experience. It is also vital that we continue to develop our resources in a sustainable and sensible way, so that we can offer visitors a great experience without compromising the value, beauty and heritage of the county.'

Chatting with the students, they could not hold back their enthusiasm for the experience they shared in Donegal.’’ It has been so good-‘molte bene’ that six of us stayed on in Donegal for a few extra days to improve on our surfing-the rest have gone to Dublin to have a look at city life. Sure, we have enough cities at home, but no surf !’’ said Lucia Lucchessi from Rome in her best Donegal/Italian accent. I have a feeling there will be some broken hearts around Bundoran this weekend when our adopted friends finally say ‘Ciao bene-a la proximo’

Article Matt Britton

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Class Reunion: AVS Class of 1981-86!

Update: You can a zip file with all these pics here: . I've also removed the red-eye from the pics in the zip file.

Some great pics from Paul Thomas & Emmet McCauley, via Siobhan Coughlan. Looks like ye all had a wile night's craic.

Hold your mouse over each pic for the caption, click on a pic to see full-size.
You must remember this?Emmet & the LadiesCathleen & her Husband Classmates & CousinsDamien Launches the 'Free Dom' Campaign
Bumped into Damien when I was home in 2006, and he a few weeks away from getting married. So here's raising a glass back at ya Damien, congradulations.
Still the Diva after all those years ...A Quiet Moment From Seamus & CiatrionaBernie- enjoying being a student again!
Yoo Hoo! Ye's are all dancing machines!
Don't look so surprised Shane & KathleenGirls aloud - OUT!Elaine Muldoon & Steve Staunton Come on Martina, say cheeeeseM&M3 lovely ladies
How come none of these lovely ladies were in my year!
Dorathy trying to coax the hubby to go head to head with Seamus on the dance floorIt's smiles all round for Michael & RosseenSweeney Todd the Barber, AKA James Lawne
James was great as Sweeny Todd! And this reminds me, I've come across some really bad pics from the No-Name Club, anyone remember that? It was Student's vs Teachers! Anyone want to see them?
Noreen & PaulSmoking or non-Smoking?Noreen with Farah Fawsett
Noreen, you social butterfly! ;)
Danny, Bridin, & PaulTreacy, Eina, Marie, Martina & Angela

Looks like you were all having a good time!

Always time for a pint lads! ;)

A big hand for all those involved in organising the reunion.

Looks like ye all had a wile night's craic. At some point I'll zip up all the files and put them somewhere where you can download all the pics at once.

Apologies for wrong names or captions, please comment and I'll make corrections.